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Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1863

Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1863

Shen Shanshan, I am disappointed…

He simply told her his plan, but still respected her decision very much and let her freely choose her next identity.

That’s right, this is what he was planning on the way back from yesterday.

I have to admit that his IQ has really safely inherited his father. From Leng Xu’s investigation to the appearance of Sun Yu, he has precisely followed his father’s pace every step of the way.

Then arrange them one by one.

The arrest of Sun Yu was deliberately arranged by Huo Yin for Leng Xu.

His confession was also provided by him.

The purpose is to give this girl a brand new identity, so that she can break away from the family of God, so that she will no longer have to worry about it.

Huo Yin waited with hope.

Unexpectedly, just after he sent the news, Shen Shanshan’s phone number came in directly.


“So, what you mean now is to give me a fake identity to go out of the house of God?”

“Yes.” Huo Yin did not deny it.

“Didn’t you say that because of the identity of the Lan family, you are careful about my daddy and the reputation of our God family? That’s settled now, you don’t have to worry about it.”

He explained in detail on the phone again. a moment.

Shen Shanshan’s hope was shattered little by little, until in the end, her eyes were completely gloomy.

“Huo Yin, do you know what I’m really worried about?”


“It’s the world, it’s your parents’ disapproval, and all the family members of God, have you ever thought that one day we will stand in front of them and give How big of a shock did they cause?”

she asked softly over the phone.

Yes, this is what she is really worried about. She didn’t even dare to think about that scene. She was Lan Yuan’s granddaughter or his little aunt. How could she have such a wicked idea?

Huo Yin didn’t make a sound.

He was sitting beside the coffee table with his mobile phone. At first, he was dazed. In the end, when he finally heard this sentence, the light in his eyes began to dim little by little.

Until the end, it was icy cold.

“So, what you mean is that you want me to tell my parents about this.”

“No… not!!” These

words were like a bolt from the blue, and Shen Shanshan over there immediately denied it in a panic.

Huo Yin heard that there was something called disappointment. After rising from his chest, there was no firmness in his eyes, and even the joy slowly faded.

“Shen Shanshan, you are more cowardly than I thought.”


“Since you are so afraid, well, it is as you wish. From now on, your Shen Shanshan is still my little aunt, and I , and your nephew Huo Yin!”

After he finished the last sentence, he pressed the phone without giving her another chance to speak.

Shen Shanshan was dumbfounded over there.

After a long time, when she finally came back to consciousness, she only felt that something in her chest had been dug away, she shook it, and slipped down in the room.

Yes, how smart he is, you can see at a glance that she is afraid and cowardly.

She wasn’t brave enough for him.

What about the world, what about prejudice? At least, he Huo Yin went for it and did it.

But what about her Shen Shanshan?

She has nothing else but withdrawal and all kinds of worries!

Since then, Huo Yin has never contacted her again, and within a few days, Uncle Yu’s story also broke out. Someone bribed him and made him talk nonsense about Shen Shanshan’s life experience.

She is Shen Shanshan and Lan Yuan’s granddaughter.

After Shen Shanshan received the news, she didn’t say a word in Ya’an for a whole day.

In mid-August, just half a month before leaving school, Huo Yin went through the withdrawal procedures at T University, and went to Atlanta, Country Y, to study with Ruoruo and Lu Jin.

Ironically, not long after they left, Shen Shanshan’s real life experience also came.

“Shanshan, Mom wants to tell you some good news. You…you are not the descendants of that old thing. Your dad…he is not the son of the Min family. Her son was killed by herself long ago.

” , her mother Zhou Xiuying cried with joy in her ear.

God Shanshan is like five thunders.

She is really not Lan Yuan’s granddaughter.

“It was found out by Yinyin’s daddy, who said it was… It was said that Mrs. Min gave birth to a child. Lan Yuan originally promised that she would be the mother of a country after the restoration, but Lan Yuan broke his promise and married her to Bai. Zheng Hao. Under her hatred, her heart began to twist, and she killed her own child, put it in a clay pot, and buried it in front of Lan Yuan’s tomb, so that he would never be born again.”

Zhou Xiuying put this passage All the important events that happened in the capital were all told.

But in reality, there is more sensation than this.

Because, according to Min’s brother’s explanation, after Min killed his own child, they were afraid that Lan Yuan would come to the door, and finally went to Xixiang to hold a child of the same age.

And this child was the child of the Lan family’s aunt’s family.

The aunt of the Lan family is Lan Qiong mentioned in the Wangjiaolou Lan family tree. She is the aunt of the leaders Lan Ling and Lan Yuan. After marrying to Xixiang, she became the aunt of sisters Pei Qingfang and Pei Qingyun.

From then on, the viciousness of this Min’s back then could be clearly seen.

“I also heard Daddy Yinyin say that during the war, this aunt of the Lan family was also helping to raise the children of her younger brother Lanling. If you agree, you can do an appraisal to see what you and your brother have left on them. Whose blood is it?”

Zhou Xiuying wiped her tears and choked.

Shen Shanshan’s head was completely empty, she never thought that something very absurd and bizarre would happen to her one day.

Her surname is still blue.

But in just one month, she has changed from a descendant of an old villain who was despised by thousands of people to a descendant of a great leader admired by thousands of people. Is it so dramatic?

And all this, is it too late…

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