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Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1861

Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1861

He is working hard

Huo Sijue returned to Repulse Bay and saw his son sitting in the living room at a glance.

In just half a month, he thought that after the stinky boy escaped, judging from what the little guys secretly told him recently, he would be in a very good state.

However, when he saw him now, he found it completely unexpected.

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you acting like a ghost? Did you fight someone?”

He stood in front of him and saw that not only his clothes were dirty, but his face was blue and purple A piece of fire swelled up in my chest.

These three children, it can be said that this one is the most obedient.

He was brought out by Huo Sijue himself, and he has been very aware of the rules since he was a child.

So, what the hell happened to him?

“Yesterday, your little aunt sent me a message saying that you were coming back. It didn’t take long for you to send me another message. If you can’t come back, what are you doing now?”


” Minutes later, I saw this stinky boy looking up at him slowly in the sofa.

“Daddy, why do you keep Lan Yuan’s descendants in the house of God? Aren’t you afraid that after this incident is exposed, others will tell you about you?”


Huo Sijue narrowed his eyes, a little strange that this son Why do you suddenly ask such a weird question?

What happened to him?

Did Lan Yuan’s remnants find him?

In just a few seconds, the man with high IQ went through all the possibilities.

“Why should I be afraid? There are still labor prisoners in law, not to mention that your little aunt and his siblings have nothing to do with Lan Yuan. Except for a little blood, they have something to do with that old thing?”

“Then… so, even if someone deliberately threatens you with that incident, you wouldn’t take it to heart, would you?” These

words were like a shot in the arm, which instantly stunned this lost youth. rescued from the edge of the cliff.

Huo Sijue looked at him quietly.

He was raised, and he must have seen something wrong with him at a glance.

Huo Sijue did not answer this question again, but asked the servant Sister Wang to take him up to take a bath and rest, and he called Leng Xu over.

“Go check it out, what happened to Huo Yin in Ya’an yesterday.”

“What does the president mean…?” Leng Xu smelled a bad breath when he heard this.

“After he came back, he has been asking about the relationship between Shen Shanshan and Lan Yuan. You can find out what is hidden behind Shen Shanshan. When I was in school, I felt a little strange. She is a girl. Those who escaped danger in their hands?”

The man’s eyes sank, and his tone became much colder in just a split second.

Leng Xu understood.

Immediately, he immediately began to investigate the matter. By the evening, Huo Sijue was eating with his son in the restaurant, and his information had already been sent.

[Leng Xu: President, I have checked it out. Some people saw that Master Huo Yin and Shen Shanshan quarreled at the market in Lanxi Village yesterday morning. Huo Yin was very angry at the time, Shen Shanshan just cried, and then Master Huo Yin left. 】

【Huo Sijue: Are you gone? ]

[Leng Xu: …I didn’t go very far, went to the station there, then smashed the station and was sent to the police station. 】

Leng Xu sent a message on the mobile phone.

He really didn’t dare to say that, in the police station, these three little guys, Huo Yin should be the most obedient and obedient, but as a result, such a shocking thing happened.

Even Master Mobao surpassed him.

Huo Sijue didn’t reply, he just sat across from him and looked at his son.

Huo Yin: “…” The

surrounding air suddenly became cold, his hand holding the knife and fork paused, and the speed of eating slowed down.

But fortunately, this strong sense of oppression didn’t last long. Soon, after Daddy’s phone vibrated again, he took a quick glance and found that it was much relieved.

[Leng Xu: We have found it. It was a person named Sun Yu who called Shen Shanshan. I don’t know what to say, but this Sun Yu, we have found that he lived next to Shen Shanshan’s house. . 】

【Huo Sijue: Next door? ]

[Leng Xu: Yes, and, I have also checked your question about Shen Shanshan’s college days before, and it was this person named Sun Yu who had been on the phone several times. 】

As expected of the leader of Longyin Pavilion, even these were found out at once.

The chill on Huo Sijue’s body came up little by little again.

He can be tolerant and generous.

However, he does not allow anyone to play tricks under his nose. He has already said that she chooses the way herself, but if she goes wrong, don’t blame him for being rude!

“Daddy, I…I want to tell you something.”

Suddenly, Huo Yin, who was sitting opposite, made a sound.

Huo Sijue was stunned for a moment, then looked up at him.

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s… I actually quarreled with Shen Shanshan yesterday. She suddenly received a call and she was going to drive me away. That’s when she sent you a message.”

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