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Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1860

Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1860

wait for me

But in the end, she still took him out. She used the surname of Shen’s family to let the police release him.

When the two finally walked out of the police station, there was actually a thin and secret raindrop outside. When Shen Shanshan saw it, he borrowed an umbrella from the police station and held it up to cover the boy’s head.

However, as soon as she approached, he plunged into the rain.

“Huo Yin, stop for me!”

She looked at his back, thinking of the image of him walking away from her at the market yesterday as well. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore, and shouted again behind her back. took him.

Also like yesterday.

Fortunately, today he still stopped.

Shen Shanshan’s eyes quickly turned red, she ran over with the umbrella and came to him.

“Huo Yin, I know what I did yesterday was too much, but I have no choice. You ask me who called me. Well, I’ll tell you now, it’s Uncle Yu, a neighbor who has been a neighbor since he was a child. The people who appeared beside me and Tianhao.”

“…” The

boy’s eyes finally fell on her under the umbrella.

“He was very good to our siblings, but we never thought about it in other directions. It wasn’t until my father had an accident that he officially told us who he was. He was the one who sent the… person to us to protect us many years ago. “

I was shocked and disgusted, but there was nothing I could do. Fortunately, he didn’t force our siblings to do anything, and even protected us. When Cen Yuan wanted to kill me, I countered her. It was Uncle Yu who helped me, so I acquiesced to his existence.”

“But I still overlooked a problem, he is always the same person. Just like he suddenly called me yesterday to remind me, if I still get so close to you, your father and son will probably be ridiculed by the world. , and your family of gods will also become a laughing stock, what can I do? I can neither let you hurt, nor let your father’s reputation be damaged, you say, in addition to pushing you away, I can How to do it?”

Her last sentence was extremely light, as if she had exhausted all her strength.

She said, what can she do?

Yeah, what else could she do?

She is a very brave girl, and she is also a very straightforward girl. When the game of chess came to a dead end, she didn’t hide it and make up all kinds of excuses like everyone else.

In the end, people are half-dead.

Instead, she chose to speak out boldly and neatly, which is even more laudable.

Huo Yin was stunned.

He never imagined that there was such a truth behind it.


He never thought about this issue, he didn’t even think about it, what would other people think about it, in his world, his business was his own.

Nothing to do with anyone else!

The young man finally fell silent. He stared blankly at the rain threads. His entire facial features were terrifyingly white under this umbrella.

“Okay, let’s go back, let’s go back first if you have anything.”

Shen Shanshan lowered her eyes and said nothing else. After seeing the injury on his body, she planned to take him back first.

However, the boy did not move.

Like a sculpture, he stood there for a long time before he heard a hoarse voice: “I will find a solution.”


“Wait for me obediently, don’t listen to that person, I’ll find you after I’ve solved it.”

Then, he walked out under the umbrella, the drizzle was long, but he seemed to ignore it. But the very tall and straight body merged with this rain thread.

disappeared soon.

Shen Shanshan was stunned.

It wasn’t until a long, long time that she could no longer see the shadow of this young man in her eyes, and then she suddenly seemed to have something cracked in her chest.

She crouched down and hugged her knees and cried.

No one could know how she felt at the moment. She thought that in this life, after her father died, she was the only one who could bear all the storms.

But today, she realized that there were still people willing to stand in front of her.

Her boy…


City A.

When Huo Sijue heard that his son came back, he was in the company listening to Leng Xu talking about the clay pot.

“I asked Bai Muqing, and he said that the map was given by his grandfather.”


“Yes, and then I found his grandfather. His grandfather said that the map was suddenly sent to him by Bai Muqing’s father. , and also said that his father took it back when he went to visit the prison.”


This is a very convoluted statement.

To sum up, this map was when Bai Zhenghao was locked up, his brother went to visit him, and then he secretly stuffed it with him, that is to say, it was Bai Zhenghao’s thing.

Is it his own?

Huo Sijue suddenly remembered that when he went to see this person, he once told him to be careful of the people behind him.

Now it seems that Bai Zhenghao already knew about Lan Yuan’s military supply storehouse, and at that time, he knew that he was being used and deliberately disclosed it to Huo Sijue.

Unfortunately, at that time, Huo Sijue had too many things to pay attention to.

“What about the clay pot? Does it have anything to do with him?”

“Bai Muqing’s grandfather said that he never told him about it, but he mentioned another one, that is, when Bai Zhenghao got married, Bai Zhenghao’s brother once complained and let him go. Why don’t you marry a second-hand girl because of such a good girl from the Pei family.”

Leng Xu said again.

second hand?

So, Bai Zhenghao’s family had already known about the Min family’s affairs? That was really fun.

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