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Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1517

Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1517

But, I love you!

Jing Qin’s words were very straightforward.

Zhu Tingting lost a bit of blood on her face on the spot.

She was standing behind the man, as if a basin of cold water was suddenly poured from the top of her head. After all her courage and hope had been extinguished, she stared at him, her face turning gray again.

“But even so, can’t we live a good life together?”

She did not give up and pleaded again.

But this man, the smile on the corner of his mouth is even more funny.

“Are you dreaming? Or is there something wrong with those top-notch products?”

“I didn’t, I said it all from my heart, Zilan, I know you don’t like me, and I also know if I’m worthy. Fuck you, but, don’t you need a family? If you want to establish a foothold in this capital and develop your Jing family, you must always marry a woman, don’t you? Then who is not to marry?”

Zhu Tingting suddenly I found myself calming down.

Probably, it was because after her heart died, she didn’t hold out hope, but she didn’t care about anything, and her attitude of giving up completely made her become calmer and wiser than ever before.

Jing Qin was stunned.

He doesn’t seem to have thought about this.

Yes, in the future, if he really wants to grow the Jing family and return to its former glory, doesn’t he just need a complete family?

And his relationship should be impossible in this lifetime…

“Zilan, don’t worry, after I stay here, we will get along as partners, I don’t want to marry again, and you definitely don’t want to. Wouldn’t it take so much time to marry a second woman?”

“So, we can reach an agreement that we are husband and wife when we go out, but at home, we are just partners and friends, and we don’t disturb or interfere with each other. Isn’t this better for you?”

Zhu Tingting spoke again.

And this time, because she had completely mastered the initiative, she began to become more confident, and every word that came out of her mouth could almost pierce into this man’s heart.

This Miss Zhu family is actually not stupid at all.

Jing Qin was still moved.

After that, he didn’t make a sound until he went back to the bedroom and closed the door.

But when Zhu Tingting saw it, she let out a sigh of relief. After she was all soft, she almost collapsed in this corridor.

In this way, it actually means that the man agrees.

Zhu Tingting finally showed a smile.

That night, after she returned to her room, she also slept well for the first time in months.

the next day.

Jing Qin still left the Jing family very early.

After he accepted the business of the Zhu family during this period, he started to wash the assets of the Jing family, so he was naturally busy every day.

Zhu Tingting also knew, so when she got up, she was very calm when she saw that this person was no longer at home.

However, when she came downstairs, she saw that the three women from the Jing family were waiting downstairs to eat again, while in the kitchen, only the servant she had brought back a few days ago was constantly busy.

She came down directly and stood in front of these women.

“Zhu Tingting, what are you doing in front of me? Didn’t you see that I was watching TV? Why didn’t you make breakfast and come to look for bad luck early in the morning?”

Jing Yulan immediately scolded when she saw it.

Jing Yuqiong was busy playing with her mobile phone and didn’t say a word, but Jing’s mother also showed a full expression over there.

Zhu Tingting watched coldly.

“Third sister, I’m afraid I’m really bad luck coming to you. I talked to your younger brother last night. From today onwards, I’ll be in charge of the Jing family.”

“What did you say?

” Speaking of which, the living room exploded on the spot.

“You are in charge? Why are you in charge? My mother is still here, what qualifications do you have?”

“That is, Zhu Tingting, have you forgotten your identity? You are a newly married daughter-in-law and want to be in charge. The family is in power? Are you too embarrassing for yourself?”

Jing Yuqiong also began to scold, with disdain and anger on her face.

Not to mention Mother Jing, her old face was ashen, as if she wanted to tear up this daughter-in-law.

When Zhu Tingting saw it, she was still not angry, but she was no longer the one she used to be obedient in front of them, but just stood there and looked blankly.

“It’s because I didn’t forget that I was the daughter-in-law of the Jing family that I took on this burden. If you want to gain a foothold in the capital, you can’t just eat and drink at home all day long. Look at the two of you, you’re not too young. Now, as long as there are people with a little background outside, have you seen them come to propose marriage?”


These words hit the pain point of the two Jing family ladies, and immediately, they became very angry stand up.

But Zhu Tingting didn’t stop.

This morning, she seemed to have made up her mind to start officially rectifying this riddled home.

“So, from now on, I’ve set the rules. Second and third sisters, both of you can no longer stay at home. You can do whatever you need to do. The Jing family will no longer support idlers.”

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