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Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1513

Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1513

Huo Sixing has an accident

Xiao Xingxing was also frightened and stopped.


“…It’s okay.” Huo Sixing finally came over and comforted the two children quickly, saying that he was okay.

Seeing this, Mo Bao continued to run.

Little Xingxing, on the other hand, became more obedient, and stayed quietly by Mommy’s side all night. Even if she wanted to play, she just played in the living room.

After dinner, the mother and daughter returned to the Red Pavilion.

“Mummy, does your stomach hurt?”

Little Xingxing, this troublesome thing, don’t look so skinny as usual, but when Mommy’s condition occurs, she still cares very much at a young age.

After she got home, she saw that Mommy was sitting on the sofa again tired, so she crawled over, and a pair of small hands gently touched Mommy’s belly. In the belly, there was her little brother.

Huo Sixing was indeed still a little uncomfortable.

However, seeing her daughter so worried, she immediately acted as if nothing had happened.

“It’s alright, Mommy is already well, Xingxing is good, can you let Auntie take a bath for you?”


Little Xingxing agreed immediately.

Huo Sixing saw that after sitting for a while, he returned to his bedroom with a heavy pace and a dull aching stomach.

After a while, she fell asleep while lying on the bed.

When I woke up again, I was woken up by an anxious shout and the crying of the child.

“Young madam? Young madam?”

“Mummy, mummy… uu~~ Dad, mummy doesn’t move anymore, doesn’t move…” The

child was crying beside her heart-wrenchingly.

Huo Sixing was stunned.

She opened her eyes, and it took a long time for her to see her situation clearly.

Still on the bed in the bedroom.

However, at this time, the daughter was lying on her bed crying, and the servant was looking down at her in horror while typing 120.


She finally woke up with a shock in her head.

At this time, a familiar man’s voice came anxiously on the phone: “Xingxing, where’s mom? Is mom awake? Tell dad, how is she?”

Little Xingxing: “…”

Huo Si Xing: “…”

After a long time, the little guy who was already crying like a tearful person took the phone from his hand.

“I…I’m fine.”

“Si Xing?!!”

The man who was about to go crazy over there calmed down a little when he finally heard this sentence.

Huo Sixing was lying on the bed with a pale face facing upwards, and continued to say weakly: “Well, you don’t have to worry, it’s not…it’s okay…”

Shen Yu: “How can it be okay? It’s okay to bleed! You today are fine! Where did you go? How could it be so serious? Don’t you know you’re pregnant?”

“Okay, don’t blame her, ask the doctor first?” On the

phone, another familiar man’s voice also spoke. When it came over, he reminded this person that now is not the time to scold people for accountability, but to save people first.

Huo Sixing pursed his lips.

Where has she gone?

I didn’t go anywhere, didn’t I just go to Guanhaitai? Did not do anything else.

She was dizzy, until Chen Jinghe brought the obstetrician over, gave her fluids, and asked the nurse to clean her up and put her back on the bed before she fell asleep again.

Chen Jinghe: “Doctor Wang, isn’t her child already stable? Come here in three months, why is this still happening?”

Obstetrician: “I’m also surprised that she came to me two days ago for an obstetric checkup. Yes, the child is developing well, but I don’t understand it suddenly.”

The doctor also showed a blank expression.

At this time, the computer not far from the bedroom was also connecting with the country M. After seeing this scene, Wen Xuxu in the computer suddenly came over.

“Could it be that I ate something wrong? Dean Chen, can you take a pulse? Feel for her.”


Chen Jinghe was a little embarrassed.

Chinese medicine, he really does not understand a little.

Wen Xuxu: “It’s okay, Dean Chen, you touch, tell me how you feel, and I’ll judge.”

Chen Jinghe: “…”

After a few seconds of silence, he silently put his finger on the woman’s on the pulse.

“I don’t have much energy to jump, it’s a little heavy.”


Wen Xuxu in the video suddenly changed his face when he heard this.


That’s not a good thing. A normal person’s pulse is strong and rhythmic, which is commonly known as Pingmai. She was a pregnant woman and her pulse suddenly sank.

Wen Xuxu’s face became solemn.

Shen Yu: “What’s the matter? Xuxu, is the situation serious?”

Wen Xuxu: “…Otherwise, let President Chen take him to the hospital and check it carefully. It is best to test the blood. Sister, this person, Usually careless, I don’t know where I didn’t pay attention.”

After pondering for a while, she still made a foolproof decision.

Of course, she did not give specific reasons.

Because they are not in the capital, they don’t want to cause panic over there.

At the moment, Huo Sixing was taken to the hospital that night, and on the Red Pavilion side, after Shenzongyu knew about this, he personally sent someone over to take Xiaoxing to Guanhaitai.

Then he hurried to the hospital with him.

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