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Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1512

Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1512

She came to the Red Pavilion again

Or is it because you only have that Huo Sixing in your heart?

She stared at these bloodstains. In the darkness, the eyes under the single eyelid finally turned completely cold. At first glance, the viciousness inside made people creepy.

the next day.

Jing Qin hurried out because the Zhu family called him early in the morning and said that there was something in the business.

Zhu Tingting saw it, and after a while, she packed up and was ready to go out.

“Where are you going?”

As soon as Jing Qin was gone, the three women from the Jing family came out again.

But this time, Zhu Tingting ignored them again. She was wearing a fashionable dress and had the makeup that Huo Sixing taught her on her face. At first glance, she was very bright.

“Go shopping…” “Go shopping? Zhu Tingting, you still have time to go shopping

? Don’t you have to do it? What time is it now?”

Jing Yulan screamed again when she heard it.

The mother Jing and Jing Yuqiong in the back were also not happy.

Zhu Tingting, who had already arrived at the door, stopped with the delicate umbrella in her hand.

“I’ve hired a servant for you. She’s going to the supermarket to buy vegetables now. Don’t worry, Miss Jing San, it’s all big tonic. You can just wait and eat.”

Then, she held up the umbrella . , walked away lightly.

Half an hour later, Zhu Tingting came to the Red Pavilion again.

“Who did you say is here?”

Huo Sixing, whose stomach was beginning to show a little bit of pregnancy, was studying how to send the little bastard to kindergarten at home, when she suddenly heard this, she flashed a little doubt.

This Jing Qin’s wife stopped going to the bar, why did she come to see her?

Huo Sixing came out of the house.

“Young madam.”

Zhu Tingting, who had been waiting outside for a while, called shyly after seeing her.

Huo Sixing: “So it’s really you, come in and sit down.”

She still warmly invited her to enter the door and looked at Jing Qin’s face.

When they arrived at the Red Pavilion, because there were guests at home and there were not many servants, Huo Sixing got busy himself, made her a cup of authentic coffee, and brought some nuts.

“Mrs. Jing, come, have a cup of coffee.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Zhu Tingting was still very polite.

Huo Sixing sat down with her: “Mrs. Jing, are you looking for me today?”

Zhu Tingting looked slightly embarrassed: “I just wanted to ask Mrs. Jing, what does Jing Qin like in our family? I know that he used to have a good relationship with the young master of God, but he is a man, so I am too embarrassed to ask, so I came to ask the young lady.”

She hesitated a little, it seemed that she wanted to understand her own family. Man, but very ashamed to say it.

Huo Sixing smiled.

This kind of mentality, as a past person, she can definitely understand.

At the moment, she was sitting on the sofa and told everything she knew about Jing Qin. The purpose was to promote the relationship between the two.

“Did you say he likes to cook?”

“Yes, he likes it very much. Although he cooks in a mess, he doesn’t know what’s wrong and always likes to toss. You can cater to his preference and study it carefully.”

Huo Si Xing remembered that when they were imprisoned and in Wenqing Temple, they had no reservations.

The voice fell, and the Miss Zhu family lowered her eyes and said nothing.

It’s like she’s thinking, and it’s like she’s pondering what she’s going to do next.

Huo Sixing saw it, smiled, and stopped disturbing her, and went outside to see the children in the garden.

By the time she returned to the living room with Little Xingxing, there was no one there.

“Mrs. Young, Mrs. Jing has already left. She said thank you and left looking very happy.” The

servant quickly explained when she saw her coming in.

It seemed to help her.

After hearing this, Huo Sixing was also in a good mood. After eating the bowl of red jujube and white fungus soup on the table, she took the child out to play again.

In the evening, Huo Sixing went to Guanhaitai. After Wen Xuxu and Huo Sijue were not at home, she would take her children there to play every day.

The first is to accompany the old man.

Second, Mobao is also on holiday these days. As an aunt, she has only one old man at home, so of course she has to take care of her.

“Auntie, when will my daddy and mommy come back?”

“Let’s do it in two days.”

As soon as he came here, this young man, who was almost thirteen years old and was about to enter junior high school, saw his aunt and started again. Ask about his father and mother. Huo Sixing

held his little troublemaker in one hand, while comforting: “Come on, they have passed by for so long, they should be back.

Run two laps in the garden.

Unexpectedly, the little Xingxing who was running around in front of her saw it. She broke free from Mommy’s hand and wanted to chase after him: “Brother, I’ll go too!”

Huo Sixing: “Shen Zhaoyu, you go back…”

She originally It was because she saw that it was too dark to let this little naughty run around, but when she pulled hard, she suddenly felt a pain in her stomach, and the sound of shouting stopped.

“Auntie, are you alright?”

Mo Bao saw that his aunt’s expression was not right, so he came over and asked with concern.

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