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Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1508

Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1508

Trying to be like her

Half an hour later, Huo Sixing made this Miss Zhu’s family beautiful again.

“Look, it’s very beautiful. In fact, your face shape is very characteristic. As long as you grasp these, you can become very beautiful. In the future, you can look for me to transform it like this.”

Huo Sixing deliberately Take a mirror and show this woman.

Her makeup skills are indeed very good, and she is praising this Miss Zhu family at the moment, and it is indeed from the heart.

But after Zhu Tingting looked in the mirror for a while, suddenly, her eyes seemed to be looking to another place through the mirror.

“Huh? Young lady, is that picture behind you?”

“Which one?”

Huo Sixing, who was standing beside him, heard it and turned to look.

“It’s the display stand on the corner table. It seems to be the cover of a magazine, young lady, isn’t that you? It’s really good looking, like a big star.”

Zhu Tingting pointed at the place, her eyes full of eyes. A look of envy and wonder.


When Huo Sixing saw it, his face turned slightly red.

“That’s fake. I used to joke around and take pictures casually. I used to be a different kind of person, dressed and dressed differently from ordinary people. I have long since lost this photo. This is the one, it should be us. The children’s father left them there,”

she explained.

Speaking of what I did back then, I was a little ashamed.

However, when it was mentioned that the man kept all her things and put them there, she couldn’t help showing a happy smile for a while.

Zhu Tingting: “…”

Where is this alternative?

In the eyes of men, this should be the most popular with them, right?

The gothic makeup looks like a fairy. It is the first choice to be rich and colorful, and it promotes high-profile wanton, and the woman in front of her, whether she has her own conditions or family background, is enough for her to have the capital to wear this makeup.

So, how could she not attract men like this?

I heard that in addition to these two, another one has died for her.

Zhu Tingting was still staring at the photo.

“Young madam, can I… also transform that?”


Huo Sixing, who was about to collect things, raised her head in surprise when she heard this.

That makeup?

It’s not suitable, she is going to work in a bar, not to play in a bar, how can she wear that kind of makeup?

Besides, even with facial features like hers, that effect can’t be achieved. Huo Sixing refused: “No need, your facial features are suitable for the current makeup

look. It’s very beautiful. Okay, you can go to work. The guests are coming soon.”

The product was stuffed into the woman’s hands, and she was told to rush to the bar.

This kind of attitude is to treat the other party as one’s own, so it will be so casual.

However, she didn’t know that when she sent the Miss Zhu family out, the person got into the car, but did not leave immediately, but held the steering wheel with both hands.

Those eyes have been staring at the red pavilion.

What is she staring at?

Nobody knows.

However, when Huo Sixing appeared on the second floor with Little Xingxing, and the mother and daughter sat there leisurely reading the storybook, she looked up.

For a moment, the skin care products that he had just taken down in his hand became indifferent, and he threw them all aside.

She really couldn’t understand why a man who had already given birth to a child and was married to a woman would always let other men care about him? Is she really that attractive?

Zhu Tingting left here.

That night, after she got off work at the bar, she returned to Jing’s house, but Jing Qin still did not come back.

The one who stayed at home was her mother-in-law who clearly had few taels of gold at home, but was still putting on airs to make things difficult for her.

Also, the two best sisters-in-law are also at home.

“Finally back?”

Just came in, the third young lady of the Jing family, who was pregnant before, clamored for the Jing family to give a large dowry, but Jing Qin didn’t give it, and then she went to the door with a shameless face, and was finally driven back Jing Yu Orchid.

When she saw this sister-in-law came back, she immediately said something strangely yin and yang.

Zhu Tingting has also been married for several months.

However, she also knew about such a person. After hearing it, although she was very tired, she had to stop and deal with it.

“Well, I’m back, third sister.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Go make a late-night snack for mom. It’s already the time, and my mom is going to sleep.”

Jing Yulan opened her mouth and said this again. .

Zhu Tingting’s hand holding the bag immediately squeezed tightly.


This is one of the things that she was made difficult for after marrying here. What kind of supper is there every night for a family that has been in decline? And, is it really her mother-in-law to eat? Or are these two girls eating?

Zhu Tingting wanted to ignore it.

But in the end, she thought of the man, and after returning to the bedroom to send the bag back, she changed a set of clothes and came down.

“Yo, brother and sister, I didn’t realize it when you came in just now. You even put on makeup today. It looks so pretty, right? Second sister, what do you think?”

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