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Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1502

Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 1502

Finally got it

Huo Sijue finally kept Sixteen.

And in order for the two of them to no longer be disturbed in this school, when he left country Y, he deliberately bought all the shares of this school except the shares of the Helian family.

The Helian family heard it, and they were so angry that they vomited blood!

“This is a royal school. What do you mean by buying your own shares? Are you out of your mind?”

The duke called the shareholders on the spot and cursed.

However, since those shareholders sold their shares, they didn’t take this duke seriously at all.

“Mr. Duke, we don’t have many shares in the first place, and Mr. Huo is willing to pay us double the price, so there is no problem in selling it.”

You—” Duke Helian was so angry that he was about to faint. .

Even double it!

Is this man named Huo Sijue really that strong? Isn’t it already irrelevant to the Huo Group? How can there be so much power?

He didn’t understand.

Until, not long after, his assistant came back.

“Mr. Duke, I have already checked, this Sir Huo, it turns out that he is the first person in their domestic economic regulation. In the past six months, from RB to European countries, their domestic restructured economic territory is all his. A masterpiece!”


Just like that, this duke, who is considered a powerful figure in the royal family of country Y, sat there with a pale face and was completely speechless.

this is too scary.

How could he fight with such a character?

The Helian family never made a sound again.

the next day.

The couple who finally returned to Guanhaitai, as expected, heard the news that Yaoyao’s parents came here to make trouble.

However, how can Guanhaitai make trouble if they want? Before they got here, Shenzong Yu had already taken them and threw them into prison.

“Brother, how to deal with this matter? When I was at school yesterday, I heard Ruoruo, a classmate named Sunny, understand that the Sixteenth Council will take action against Yaoyao because Yaoyao was transferred to another class. It was just that her relationship with Ruoruo was not good, she followed that Helena, and then targeted Ruoruo everywhere, and Brother Qiao also said before that Yaoyao witnessed Helena’s change with his own eyes.”

Wen Xuxu saw this Yaoyao . Yao’s mother actually dared to come here, she immediately went to the study, and told what she had learned at school.

She must have been very angry too.

This Yaoyao’s parents were originally people of poor conduct. When they were at school, they had already shown their faces to the extreme.

Therefore, at this time, even if the child had an accident, she was very reluctant to let them speak out. You must know that a large part of the reason why that child would become like that was because of their family education.

Of course Huo Sijue also understands.

“Well, I already know this, you don’t have to worry, I’m measured.” He comforted her, and between his eyebrows, he had naturally planned to deal with the couple’s indifference.

Two days later, when Wen Xuxu was calling the school at Guanhaitai to ask her about Ruoruo’s situation there when she came back.

Adjutant Shen came to look for her.

“Grandma Sun, the old man asked me to tell you that he has let go of the couple.”

“Really?” Wen Xuxu immediately put down the phone.

“Then they didn’t make trouble anymore?”

“Do they dare? It was Helena who really killed their daughter. If you want compensation, you should go to their house, so the old man said, took the young master and gave him 100,000 yuan and hurry up, if you let him see them again , he immediately collapsed!”

Adjutant Shen finally said something like Shenzongyu’s tone.

Wen Xuxu immediately knelt down to the old man.

Sure enough, it is still such people to deal with them, that is the nemesis.

So far, this has passed.

On Ruoruo’s side, because of Huo Sijue’s strong intervention, and Yaoyao, who had been making waves all the time, was gone, she finally lived a peaceful life in school.

Helena, the female bully in class 18, no longer dared to provoke her. After she did not bully her, the innocent and kind-hearted woman immediately won the love of many classmates.

She made many, many new friends.

There are sixteen, who have always been by her side.

Wen Xuxu was very pleased.

After re-entering the busy work of the bar, she found that she had begun to step into a regular bar, because she implemented a bonus system for everyone who worked here.

Those family members of the gods also worked very hard.

[Wen Xuxu: Let’s take a look at the total turnover this month. It has reached more than 12 million. If we remove the cost, we can probably make about 7 million. ]

[Shu + Shenrong: Really? This is great! ]

[Shu + Shen Tianbao: Well, my sister-in-law is still very good, and this turnover is increasing. ]

[Gan + Shen’s family five aunts: Follow Xuxu to work hard in the future, everyone should not be left behind. ]

[Gurgling + Seventh Sister of God’s Family: Yes, follow my sister-in-law! ]

Just sent a piece of data like this, and the group of the Shen family was immediately boiling.

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