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Returning from the Dead His Secret Lover Chapter 15-16

Chapter 15 That’s another little figure…

She was right. Back then, when he brought that woman back, he kept saying in front of the old man that he loved her and married her. Then he took her back now. Are you really afraid that she would let him play with that woman again?

But as soon as her words fell, the dog man stood up from the chair.

“Just you? I tell you Wen Xuxu, don’t take yourself too seriously. In my eyes, you’re not dead, it’s no different from being dead, just like if you don’t show up today, I’ll take your body Bring it back, it’s the same.”

This devil, a cold light flashed in his scarlet pupils, every word, so sharp that there was no trace of humanity, and his nerves were trembling.

Wen Xuxu’s clenched fist turned even whiter, she closed her eyes, and finally, she didn’t speak any more.

Five years later, what is she still looking forward to?

Hope he can say a decent word to her like a person?

Wen Xuxu was quickly taken down, and not long afterward, the ship also left the pier and officially set sail.

It turned out that this boat was the means of transport for them to go back this time.

Wen Xuxu didn’t take this matter to heart. She knew that she had no room to struggle any more. After she was locked up, she folded her clothes and lay on the small bed inside. After a while, she fell asleep.

“Young master, this is impossible, it is very dangerous, young master…”

“Shut up! Go to the side!”

Waking up again, Wen Xuxu was woken up by the hunger in his stomach and the quarrel outside. .

Vaguely, she also heard a childish voice.

Child’s voice?

Wen Xuxu opened her eyes immediately, and for a second, her consciousness was awake as never before.

Is that Huo Yin?

Huo Sijue is all on this boat, and they are leaving again, so Huo Yin is also with him, it’s not surprising.

She remembered this, and suddenly, after a burst of ecstasy poured out from the bottom of her heart, it was as if all the blood began to boil, and she jumped off the cot and rushed to the window.

Sure enough, through the window, she saw two people standing outside at once.

A burly man in a black suit should be the bodyguard on this ship. The other one, standing beside him, was short and short, wearing a thick khaki blue coat and a black woolen hat on his small head. At first glance, he was very cute and handsome!

Who is the young master of the Huo family?

Looking at this little figure, Wen Xuxu was so excited that tears welled up in her eyes instantly.

“Yinyin? Yinyin?”


Huo Yin, who was concentrating on controlling the drone by the fence, suddenly heard someone call his name, and he turned his head.

Sure enough, it was that cool little face, but because he was disturbed, he seemed very unhappy.

Wen Xuxu saw it and waved at him vigorously in the small cabin: “Here, Yinyin, Mom… Auntie is here, take a look.”

She almost said that she was his mommy.

Huo Yin finally saw her, but his expression did not show the surprise that Wen Xuxu wanted to see. Instead, he was very indifferent. In those beautiful eyes that looked exactly like his father, the same impatience flashed out. .

“Who are you?”

“That… little master, the time has come, let’s go back quickly, or President You should punish him.”

At the critical moment, the bodyguard stopped in front of the child.

Wen Xuxu became anxious when she saw it: “Yinyin, it’s me. We met in the hotel. Do you remember?”

She gestured to the child at the window, hoping that he could remember her.

Fortunately, the child remembered after her reminder.

“It turned out to be you!”

“That’s right, it’s me, Yin Yin, can you come over and let my aunt take a look? Just take a look.” Wen Xuxu was very happy.

“Little master, it’s time for us to go.”

“Get out of the way!”

Huo Yin glanced at the bodyguard with his cool little face, and came over with his feet raised.

Wen Xuxu was ecstatic. She finally had the chance to get in touch with this child. The last time she was in the hotel, she didn’t even say a word to him.


“Why are you imprisoned here? Didn’t you see a doctor for Daddy?”

Huo Yin came over, still quite indifferent, with the same little face as Mobao, without the slightest smile, he just So cold, looking at Wen Xuxu with an almost indifferent expression.

Wen Xuxu’s heart seemed to be stabbed by something in an instant.

It’s all her fault. If she hadn’t left him in that man’s hands since he was a child, he wouldn’t have become like this. He would have been so cheerful and smiling like his younger brother.

Wen Xuxu stretched out his hand from the window tremblingly, wanting to touch him.

“Yes, I… I’m here to treat your father’s illness.”

“Healing? Why does he lock you up for treatment? What is he going to do to you?”

This child, as expected, is as hard to fool as Mobao. Just seeing the lock on the door at a glance, he already knew that it was not as Wen Xuxu said.

Wen Xuxu heard it, and the tip of her nose was sore again.

“It’s alright, Yinyin, don’t worry about Mom… Auntie, your daddy won’t do anything to me. By the way, it’s very late. It’s very windy and dangerous here. Go back quickly.”

Chapter 16 Abused!

Wen Xuxu didn’t want to talk to her son about those things, so she avoided the topic and wanted the child to go back quickly.

The wind is too strong here. Although he is flying with a drone, there is no danger, but it is so late and the sea is wet, and she is worried that he will catch a cold.

But Huo Yin didn’t listen to her at all. After seeing Wen Xuxu not answering his question, he immediately turned his head and walked away.

“Don’t worry about it! You, go get me a few more batteries.”

“Little Master…” The

bodyguard suddenly showed a look of embarrassment.

Wen Xuxu was anxious when she saw it, and was about to persuade her again, but at this time, a figure had come over from the deck, and when she saw Huo Yin, she rushed over with big strides.

“Huo Yin, don’t play anymore, you’ve been playing for a long time, it’s time to go back, or your father will scold you!”

Wen Xuxu immediately looked at her, and at a glance, she saw a man with exquisite makeup and well-dressed A very elegant young woman.

Gu Xia? Is she on this boat too?

Wen Xuxu showed a hint of surprise, but soon, when she thought about the relationship between this woman and that dog man, she felt nothing strange.

“Huo Yin, look at you, your clothes are wet and your hands are cold. I said earlier, don’t come out to play, what if you get sick again? Don’t you know how bad your health is? Stop playing, take it Put things away!”

Gu Xia came over and touched Huo Yin impatiently after seeing that he was still playing, and noticed that his clothes were already wet, and her face immediately changed. Very ugly.

But Huo Yin wouldn’t listen to her. She yelled, but he ignored it completely and continued to control the drone in his hand.

“Huo Yin! Why are you so disobedient? You want to beg for a beating again, don’t you? Just let me go!”

No one would have imagined that the woman would scold after seeing that the child did not listen to her. Not only that, but she also pinched his little hand twice and began to snatch the controller in his hand.

Wen Xuxu’s eyes were bloodshot all of a sudden!

Huo Yin is a very paranoid child.

He is not like Mobao, because he was frail and sick since childhood and lacked maternal love, which led to his very withdrawn and stubborn character. Sometimes it is necessary to discuss a matter with him.

But if he is strong, he will only resist and disobey.

Wen Xuxu stood in the window, and as soon as the woman who watched helplessly went to grab it, the child’s little hand holding the controller turned white, his face was blue, his teeth were clenched, and he was there to hold on to it.

After seeing it, Gu Xia simply broke Huo Yin’s little hand. From such a distance, Wen Xuxu saw that the child’s little fingers were all broken by her!

This bitch! brute! !

Wen Xuxu finally jumped up: “Gu Xia, what are you doing? You bitch, let him go! Who told you to do this? Don’t touch him, get out of here!”

She was so angry that she was in the cabin. Loud roaring loudly.

Gu Xia, who was holding the child, suddenly changed his face!

Damn it! She was in a hurry to teach the child just now, and she forgot that such a woman is still locked here?

What to do now? She had seen it all, what if she turned around and told Huo Sijue? The man’s bottom line is this child, if he designates it, he will never let her go.

The woman let go of her hand instantly, and there was a panic that she had never seen before.

“Gu Xia, did you treat him like this for the past five years? Why is your heart so vicious? Although he is not your own, he is also Huo Sijue’s son? You married him, Can’t you be nice to him? He’s only five years old! Five years old! Gu Xia!!”

“Miss Wen, what are you talking about? Why can’t I understand? What’s wrong with me? I came over and told him to go back quickly because I was careful that he caught a cold. Did I do something wrong?” The bitch calmed down, and instead, she looked at Wen Xuxu and replied to her calmly.

Wen Xuxu was instantly mad!

“Do you think I’m blind? I saw it clearly just now. You broke his fingers, and you pinched him. I saw it! The bodyguard saw it too, and you still want to argue?”

She pointed at the bodyguard.

But what was terrifying was that after the woman heard about the witness, she smiled charmingly and went directly to his side.

“Did you see it?”


In almost a second, Wen Xuxu saw the cold sweat on the bodyguard’s forehead, and his face showed great tension and fear.

“No…No, I didn’t see anything.”

“Nuo, you heard it too, he said no, so Miss Wen, you really wronged me, or you just wanted to slander me, Do you want to regain your position as the hostess of the Huo family? Then I tell you, don’t think about it, now I am Huo Sijue’s woman!”


Wen Xuxu was going to be mad!

She never thought that this woman would be so black and white, and the most terrifying thing is that these Huo family’s subordinates still listen to her. If this is the case, she won’t testify against her at all. Someone will believe it.

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