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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 890

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 890

During the heated discussion, someone took out a recording device.

“Hello, Mr. Lynch. I’m Banyan City’s television reporter. I’d like to ask: What relationship do you have with Luna? Why are you here alone with her in the cafe?

“Are you two dating? Luna just hurt your girlfriend, yet you’re here on a date with her. What relationship does the three of you have?

“When you’re on a date with Luna, will you feel guilty toward Ms. Fiona Blake? Can you tell us your emotional journey?“

Facing such rude questions, Joshua furrowed his brows tightly.

He lifted his gaze and looked at the reporter coldly, then saying aloofly, haughtily, “Should I have to explain my life to you, just because you’re a reporter? Show me your press pass and tell me your department. I’ll contact your highest superior.“

Joshua’s tone was as cold as his gaze.

The reporter paused for a while, subconsciously took a few steps back, and stopped talking.

The restless crowd finally quieted down a little upon Joshua’s reaction.

Seeing how the corridor had finally quieted down, Joshua furrowed his brows and looked at Luna.

She still looked like she did not care for anything. She did not seem to be able to see he was trying to protect her or doing things for her.

Joshua chuckled bitterly in his heart.

Luna stood there, unmoving. Joshua could not just drag her away with everyone watching them.

Thus, he picked up his phone and sent Lucas a simple message.

The moment he kept his phone, he noticed from the corner of his eye that someone among the crowd was throwing a cup of hot coffee at Luna.

Just in the nick of time, Joshua rushed forward and pushed Luna to the side.

The cup of coffee landed on Joshua’s back with a thud. The coffee splashed all over his suit and coat.

Being shoved abruptly, Luna, coming to her senses once again, saw Joshua drenched by hot coffee.

The coffee seemed to be burning hot. There was still steam coming off from his body.

This scene would be extremely haggard if it were any other men.

However, he was Joshua Lynch. Even if he were drenched by coffee, he still looked regal and arrogant, so much so that others could only envy him.

Still, from the way he furrowed his brows tightly, he should be feeling terrible.

Luna furrowed her brows. She hesitated for a moment, but still rushed forward and helped him in the end.

Whatever. Seeing how he was Nigel and Nellie’s biological father and how he ended up like that because he protected her, Luna felt that she should not just sit and do nothing.

She held onto Joshua and swept the crowd a cold glance.

“Those who don’t wish to die, make way! If Joshua truly gets hurt by this, none of you here will be able to escape! “

Luna’s tone was cold and stern. The entire corridor was silenced.

Those that were gossiping about Luna and Joshua all shut up. They did not dare say anything after that.

After all, if Joshua truly was hurt and he held them accountable for it, no one there would be able to take it!

The crowd instantly made way for Luna and Joshua.

When the both of them walked past the crowd, Lucas rushed into the cafe with Zach, Yuri, and a group of bodyguards.

“Sir! “

Looking at Joshua, Lucas widened his eyes and immediately ran over.

“I ‘m fine.“ Joshua furrowed his brow and said, “I just got lightly burned by coffee. It’s fine.“

Lucas shook his head. “How could it be fine? Wasn’t Ms. Blake also burned by Ms.— “

Before he could utter Luna’s name, his gaze landed on her face. He stopped talking.

Joshua furrowed his brows even tighter. “I’ll just get Luna to send me to the hospital. Take your men and round up everyone there. Check upon them. See who’s the mastermind behind this.”

When Joshua just arrived, there were only a few people in the cafe.

Why was the small cafe filled to the brim after chatting to Luna for only a while?

Also, Luna was wearing a mask and a cap. Why was she so coincidentally recognized by someone once she left?

These people were clearly sent there, and they came prepared.

Joshua wanted to know the perpetrator.

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