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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 888

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 888

“You said that I had an affair, that I was a philanderer. That I eloped with someone else, and that was why I had an accident. I supposedly left a will for you to be together with my sister.“

Luna looked at Joshua’s face and enunciated every word.

“Do you think I still care about my reputation? Both of you destroyed my reputation six years ago! “

The atmosphere in the booth instantly turned cold. Joshua furrowed his brows.

“Luna, I’ve already said that I didn’t know about that matter. It was all Aura— “

“You’re pushing all the blame to Aura, just because she’s not here in Banyan City? How unfortunate.

Someone already showed me a photo of Aura back in Banyan City. Mr. Lynch, you should lie less, just in case Aura suddenly appears. You won’t be able to explain yourself anymore then.“

Then, Luna stood up.

“I ‘ll withdraw myself from the competition, only because this competition isn’t only my blood, sweat, and tears. Zayne, Samson, and the others put in hard work for this, too. But…“

Luna lowered her gaze and looked at Joshua coldly.

“If my team wins the competition, my agreement with you ends there.“

Then, Luna picked her bag up and left.

Joshua sat in the same spot. Looking at Luna leaving determinedly, he closed his eyes.

She was still the same as before. Aloof and heartless.

No matter whether it was Aura, Fiona, or other women who were hostile to her, Luna would still blame it all on him.

If it were the past, he might still explain himself to her.

However, at that moment…

Forget about it. What use was there in explaining? Luna would still leave.

When the competition ended, she would take Nigel and Nellie along to leave Banyan City.

They would no longer have any contact with each other after that.

Letting Luna leave with a hatred for him was much better than her leaving reluctantly and missing him.


Joshua opened his eyes. He took his phone and dialed Lucas.

“Check where Aura is.“

Lucas, on the other end of the line, furrowed his brows. “We lost track of Aura right after Young Master Neil’s passing. Have you forgotten? How are we going to check— “

“She’s in Banyan City right now.“

“Banyan City! “ Lucas was stunned for quite a while before nodding furiously and saying, “Yes, Sir. I ‘ll check on it right now! “

“Mmh.“ Joshua sighed and continued asking, “How is she?“

“Ms. Blake? She’s quite well. The servants have said that she’s in a good mood. She was singing and dancing around at home.“

Joshua furrowed his brows. “Anything else?“ “Ms. Blake told the servants that she’s going to become Banyan City’s most dazzling woman. She’s happy…“

Joshua furrowed his brows even harder.

The matter regarding Luna’s withdrawal from the competition and Fiona replacing her had only been decided a moment ago with President Calvin. Joshua had not even told Fiona about it yet, so how was she already celebrating?

Joshua held onto the phone. He was about to say something else when a commotion, one with loud noises, came from outside.

“It’s her! The woman that bullied her boss’ girlfriend is her! “

“How vicious! The girl’s stomach has been burned so badly, yet she didn’t apologize! Inhumane b*tch! “

“Don’t let her get away. Block her! Let her have a taste of her own medicine—how it feels like being scalded by boiling water! “
Joshua was instantly alarmed at the noise outside. He immediately hung up and rushed out.

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