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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 886

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 886

“I’m at the cafe near your house. Care to meet up?“

Luna paused for a while before smiling. “Sure.“

Joshua had a good memory. He remembered that she once said she hoped he did not appear near her house.

“You’re going to see him?“ asked Nigel in a low voice.

Luna nodded.

“I have to solve this matter somehow. He must’ve looked for me because of this matter, too.“

Nigel sighed and said, “Be careful on the road.“

At that moment, it was all negative comments about Luna online. Nigel was somewhat worried.

“Mommy! “

Just as Luna was putting on her jacket and about to leave, Nellie’s crisp voice came from upstairs.

She furrowed her brows. “What’s going on?“

Nellie stomped down the stairs with her little short legs. She ran over to Luna and passed the items which she had prepared to her.

“Take this with you! It’s useful! “

Luna furrowed her brows and looked at the things that Nellie passed to her.

A face mask, a cap, a folding swiss knife. There was even…pepper spray?

Luna held everything in her hands. She could not help but think back to the incident where Joshua did those things to her on the sofa.

Luna smiled.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.“

That incident happened only because Joshua was on some drugs.

Otherwise, he would not be interested in such a vicious and heartless woman like Luna.

Nonetheless, Luna still accepted the gifts Nellie gave her.

Ten minutes later, Luna appeared in the cafe where Joshua was at.

At that moment, it was coincidentally after work for many. Everyone was sitting in the cafe, playing on their phones. They were discussing the hot topic of the day.

“How conceited. Just because she could design jewelry, she thinks she’s the best.“

“Not only is she bullying the newcomer, but the newcomer is the president’s girlfriend, too. How brazen of her.“

“Ms. Blake is such a kind person. Did you see the burns on her stomach? How scary! She could even turn the other cheek! “

“The kind always gets bullied. Because she has a good temper, that’s why she keeps getting bullied and schemed.“

Wearing a mask and a cap, Luna strode up to the second floor into the booth, where Joshua sat on a chair, lazily fiddling with his phone.

Soft sounds came from his phone. Luna could hear that he was watching all the videos of her bullying Fiona.

Luna chuckled bitterly and sat in front of him. “You got me here to criticize me, Mr. Lynch?“

Joshua looked at her flatly and kept his phone. “I want to discuss the competition with you.“

Joshua passed her the fruit tea he had already ordered on her behalf.

“The organizer contacted me. They said that given you excluded the newcomer, as well as the bad behavior and character you showed in the videos online, they want to disqualify the Lynch Group’s team from competing.

“They feel that with a leader like you, the work created by the team won’t be made according to each team member’s intention, and the meaning of teamwork will be lost.“

Then, Joshua looked at Luna meaningfully.

“I might not understand work-related matters, but how could you make such a mistake? You knew that it’s a competition that requires team effort, yet you deliberately excluded Fiona. Fiona has never told me about this. If I knew this earlier— “

“What would you have done if you knew earlier, Mr. Lynch?” interrupted Luna as a cold smirk graced her face. Her voice was filled with mockery.

“Mr. Lynch, when you placed someone who doesn’t know design and has poor art skills in my team, you should’ve thought of this. It wasn’t that I didn’t give her a chance —she can’t even draw a basic jewelry sketch. What did you want me to do? Should I have passed the core designing work to a person who can barely draw a circle?”

Then, Luna picked her cup and took a sip. “Mr. Lynch, you had the time to arrange your girlfriend in my team, so why did you not find your beloved Ms. Blake a teacher to buck up on her artistic skills? Could it be that you have forgotten about this because you both have been busy researching ways to make a baby?”

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