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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 882

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 882

Fiona bit her lip pitifully.

“Ms. Luna, don’t bother them. They’re talking nonsense. I…wasn’t burned.”

Then, she turned around and fled.

Looking at Fiona leaving, Joshua furrowed his brows and looked at Luna.

“You’re really getting more and more cold-blooded.” With that, Joshua left immediately.

Luna was rooted where she stood, and she slowly clenched her fists tightly by her sides.

Was she cold—blooded?

Just because she did not apologize to his darling Ms. Blake, she was cold-blooded.

Just because she questioned whether his beloved Ms. Blake was faking her illness or not, she was cold- blooded.

If that was the case, just let her be cold—blooded then.

Up to that point, she no longer needed to be a gentle and kind-hearted person in front of Joshua.

“Director Luna.”

Samson, Arianna, and Zayne caught up with Luna. “Are you alright?”

Luna shook her head and let out a long breath.

“Let’s go back and continue working.“

It was three days before the competition. One day later, they had to hold a meeting with the competition’s organizing committee and the other competing teams.

Time was pressing. Luna did not have the time to deal with trivial matters like Fiona and Joshua.

However, Luna did not expect that the incident that happened between her and Fiona and Joshua a moment ago had been recorded by a few phones.

l0 a.m. on the next day…

Luna brought the other eight team members as arranged to attend the meeting with the organizing committee of the competition.

The meeting that day was mainly to discuss the flow of the competition two days later.

The head of the organizer proudly announced, “This time, we have invited a special guest. The protege of Moon, the talented designer who once made a splash in the jewelry design world, Mr. Joey Charles, to come to be our guest judge.

“Mr. Joey is busy. He’ll only arrive on the day of the competition.“

Luna was a little stunned. Joey Charles?

Since when did he become her protege? She remembered that when she was a designer abroad, Joey was only her assistant. He had only followed her and learned design for a few months only.

All this while, she only openly admitted to having one protege. That was Nellie.

However, Joey could at least be considered half a protege, in a way.

They had not seen each other for a very long time. Luna did not expect that the next time they saw each other would be when he was a judge for a competition she was in.

Luna did not know what reaction Joey would have when he met her two days later.

“Ms. Luna?“

Suddenly, a voice rang out in Luna’s ears.

When Luna came to her senses, the meeting was over. Every other participating team was packing up their documents and preparing to leave.

The voice that came in front of her was Fiona’s.

Fiona, in white, cautiously stood next to Luna. She was holding the competition documents in her hands in front of her. She spoke to Luna while hugging the documents, “Let me help you with those.“

Luna furrowed her brows and tugged on the corner. “ Return those to me.“

The documents involved detailed arrangements of the competition day. It was not available to the public.

Luna had to be on guard and be cautious of Fiona. Facing Luna’s cold attitude, Fiona looked humble and lowly.

She cried a little, saying, “Ms. Luna, I don’t know why you’d hate me so much. I only wanted to help you share your burden. You’re already so tired, and the documents seem heavy. Why don’t I help you carry them?

“All this while, you’ve been keeping me at a distance. You don’t let me partake in anything that has to do with the competition. Can’t I even help you carry documents now? Let me do something for my team too, please?“

Fiona’s aggrieved words mixed with a croaky voice attracted the entire meeting room’s attention.

President Calvin, the organizer of the competition, was about to leave but stopped in his tracks.

He furrowed his brows and looked at Luna.

“Ms. Luna, what is going on? Is what your subordinate saying true?“

The competition required a team effort, which also meant that every member of the participating teams had to partake in the design process.

However, from what Fiona said a moment ago, she implied that she was not involved in any of the competition discussions.

This was against the competition rules. Luna furrowed her brows.

“No, that’s not it. I didn’t—“


Before Luna could finish her sentence, Fiona, who was fighting for the documents with Luna, snatched the documents and pretended to stumble backward a few steps. In the end, she fell onto the floor.

Her top flew up, showing the burns on her stomach. The entire crowd was in an uproar.

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