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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 879

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 879

When Joshua finally arrived at the hospital, the doctor was in the middle of cleaning and bandaging Fiona’s wound.

He could not stop himself from complaining to his assistant, who was watching from the side, “Why didn’t you tell me to come earlier, knowing how serious her wound was? You’re useless! “

The assistant bit down on her lip and answered in a slightly sheepish tone, “She looked perfectly fine, and she even said she was fine. She was just scalded by a cup of coffee, so I didn’t take much notice of her. I didn’t know that…“

She did not know how serious this patient’s burn was!

At this moment, Joshua strode into the room.

The first thing he saw when he entered was the string of blisters on Fiona’s abdomen, as tightly strung as a chain of pearls.

As soon as he saw this, Joshua furrowed his brows. “ What happened?“

Fiona bit down on her lip and answered in a low voice, “Nothing. It was my fault. I accidentally spilled coffee on myself.“

“What do you mean, it was an accident? It’s murder! “ the doctor scoffed. As he continued to treat Fiona’s wound, he coldly added, “Ms. Blake asked us to keep this a secret and not tell you that one of your employees had hurt her, but I believe that if this happened once, there’ll always be a next! “

He pointed at the blisters on Fiona’s abdomen and continued, ”Fortunately, she got scalded on her belly, but what if something like this happens another time? If she gets burned on her hands, legs, or face, how is she supposed to live a normal life ever again?

”Let’s say that looks aren’t a priority, but even then, she’s not doing so well physically either. if she gets burned another time , she’ll suffer life-threatening consequences! “

The doctor’s explanation sounded so severe that Joshua froze. Then, he lifted his head and shot Fiona a somber glance. ”Tell me what really happened.”

Fiona bit down on her lip, then finally stammered, ” Ms. Luna has been hiding things from me lately.

Even though she and I are on the same team, she’s never shown me the design sketches before… I thought that because of what happened in the past, she probably still had reservations about me, so I made a cup of coffee and brought it over to her in an attempt to alleviate the tension… ”

Fiona could not stop her tears from falling as she continued, ”But… I didn’t go at the right time , and she wasn’t in her office when I arrived. Then, the power got cut off all of a sudden, and I panicked in the darkness. I think maybe I walked in the wrong direction, and Ms. Luna thought I was trying to steal her sketch… When I handed her the cup of coffee, she refused to take it and shoved me forcefully, so I accidentally spilled the coffee all over myself… ”

She sniffed, then grabbed a piece of tissue to wipe away her tears. “Of course, I don’t blame her. It’s my fault, after all. I shouldn’t have gone into her office without her permission. Besides, I knew that she hated me, but I still tried to alleviate the tension between us…“

As soon as they heard this, the doctor and assistant immediately piped in, feeling outraged at the way Fiona was treated, “Who does something like this? “

“Aren’t you a part of her team? Why is she hiding things from you?“

“You were just trying to do her a favor and bring her coffee, but you got scalded in return! “

Joshua furrowed his brows upon hearing this.

Finally, the doctor finished treating Fiona’s wound and could not help letting out a sigh. “Ms. Blake, you’re Mr. Lynch’s girlfriend, after all, but how could she treat you like this?“

“Luna has never been afraid of me, much less Fiona.“ Joshua walked over to Fiona’s bedside and handed her a piece of tissue. “Wipe your tears. It’s understandable for Luna to have her reservations about you. It always pays to be careful, after all, but a s for scalding you on purpose…“

Joshua let out a sigh. “I’ll look into this.“ “There’s no need.“ Fiona pursed her lips and,

dabbing at her tears, understandingly said, “Let’s just forget about this. Ms. Luna didn’t do this on purpose. I’ll just keep my distance from her from now on.“

Joshua sighed, then pulled Fiona into his arms, burying her head in his chest.

Sometimes, he did not understand why Fiona was so naive as to get on Luna’s nerves repeatedly.

However, there were other times when he thought she was so considerate of others that he could not help feeling sorry for her.

“Joshua, the competition is less than three days away. This is the most important time for Lynch Group to prepare for the competition. Please don’t get into conflict with Ms. Luna for my sake, do you hear me?”

Joshua let out a sigh and nodded. “Alright.”

Fiona, whose face was still buried in Joshua’s chest, curled her lips into a smirk when she heard this. A flicker of mischief flashed through her eyes. After the incident involving Fiona and her cup of coffee, Luna’s presence in Lynch Group Tower would attract whispers and murmurs no matter where she went.

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