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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 878

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 878

A short while later, some of the employees brought Fiona away with them.

The remaining people soon dispersed after realizing there was nothing else to watch.

“What a drama queen, “ Samson scoffed as he watched Fiona leave with the rest of the people, and his lips twisted into a smirk. “Doesn’t she know not to use the same trick twice? She tried to frame Arianna with hot coffee before, and now she’s using the exact tactic again.“

Luna furrowed her brows. She could not help feeling that there was something about the way Fiona acted.

All of a sudden, she recalled the design sketch she had left on the desk.

Luna immediately turned to look in the direction of her desk.

She was right.

The desk was empty.

“Someone stole our design sketch ! “ Samson, too, noticed the missing sketch. “I knew Fiona was up to something! She deliberately caused a commotion so someone could steal the folder from right under our noses! “

Samson was outraged by this discovery, and on the other hand, Zayne got out of his seat, about to check the security footage.

“Don’t go.“ Luna, however, was calm and level- headed, as opposed to them both.

She shifted into a more comfortable position and leaned against the back of her chair. “The sketches are kept in a safe place. Don’t worry.“

Having heard Charmaine’s warning about Fiona’s intention to sabotage her competition, Luna never would have kept such an important folder in her office, where Fiona could access them.

Samson let out a sigh of relief when he heard this. Zayne, on the other hand, furrowed his brows. “We still need to find out who took it. I think it’s best if I check the security footage.“

Luna curled her lips into a smirk. “There’s no need.“

Just as she said this, the piercing screech of an alarm blared from outside her office.

Samson immediately frowned, then stormed out the door.

The alarm was coming from a drawer belonging to one of the male employees. Samson quickly rushed over and pulled the drawer open, utterly ignoring anyone that tried to stop him.

Inside the drawer was a folder that was identical to the one containing Luna’s design sketches. The alarm was coming from inside the folder.

Samson could not help chuckling when he saw this. “ You’re smart, Director Luna.“

Luna shrugged, then lowered her head to dab at the coffee stain that splattered on her shirt with a tissue.

She was not the smart one. This had all been Neil’s idea.

In the past, when Luna was still working abroad, one of her coworkers had experienced a similar incident whereby one of her design sketches had gotten stolen.

As soon as Neil found out about this, he came up with the idea of embedding a built-in alarm system within a folder.

Together with Nigel, they managed to create different kinds of folders for Luna. Neil was the brains of this operation, while Nigel worked behind the scenes in engineering the actual product.

However, even though she had acquired this new technology, she never got the chance to experience it for herself since no one had attempted to steal her documents.

Luna never expected that Nigel and Neil’s masterpiece would come in handy at this time.

As soon as she thought of Neil…

Luna could not help feeling her heart sink. Perhaps this was the last thing Neil could do to protect her.

“Ms. Blake, I’ve failed in my mission.“

Fiona, who at this moment was inside the VIP ward in a nearby hospital, received a phone call.

“The folder is a fake one. Not only was it fake, but it even had a built-in alarm system… I’m at the police station right now…”

As soon as she heard this, a flicker of hatred flashed through Fiona’s eyes. She bit down on her lip and snapped, “If you still want the money, shut up and don’t rat me out! Don’t you dare try to contact me again! ”

With that, she hung up the phone and deleted the call history.

After tucking her phone away, she closed her eyes. Luna was more alert than she thought.

After a moment, she opened her eyes, and her gaze landed on the kettle a short distance away that had been put on boil for her use.

She gritted her teeth and strode over. Then, she picked up the kettle and hovered it right where she had gotten scalded by the coffee.

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