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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 874

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 874

Joshua furrowed his brows slightly but still pulled Fiona closer to him. “It’s alright now.“

Charmaine was so infuriated by this that she gritted her teeth in frustration. “Fiona Blake! You’re a lying, manipulative woman, you—“

“Are you calling me manipulative?“ Fiona lifted her head and pulled out her phone tearfully. “ Charmaine, I’ve always thought of you as a friend, but you… I initially didn’t want to pursue this matter any further because we’re friends, but since you’ve become so heartless, I don’t think it’s bad of me to retaliate…“

With that, she clicked on an audio file that contained a phone conversation between her and Charmaine…

“When I saw President Lynch carrying Luna, I was upset. After all, President Lynch is your boyfriend, so how can he be carrying a b*tch like Luna…“

“Joshua was carrying Luna simply because she got hurt, and he wanted to send her to the hospital.

That’s all it is. If you got slapped, it’s on you because you jumped to conclusions and talked nonsense.“

Charmaine slumped in a heap on the floor as soon as she heard the recording.

She finally realized why Fiona had so sternly ordered her not to talk about this anymore.

It turned out that she had been recording this conversation to prove her loyalty toward Joshua…

“Joshua, this is the recording of a phone call between Charmaine and me just now… You know better than anyone how bad my memory is, so I always record my phone calls to listen to them later o n…“ With that, Fiona wiped away her tears and buried her face in Joshua’s arms again. “Charmaine and I were never in this together at all. I don’t know why she wanted to pretend like I was in on everything as well…“

Joshua let out a sigh, then lifted his head to glance at Charmaine coldly, with his arms still wrapped around Fiona. “Go to Human Resources to process your termination, then leave this place immediately. Lynch Group doesn’t need an employee like you.“

Charmaine slumped against the floor and felt as though someone had hammered a nail right into her heart.

She had been helping Fiona all this while, but Fiona had backstabbed her instead.

Arianna could not help but feel sorry for Charmaine. She let out a sigh and stepped forward to help her up, then said, “Go to Human Resources. I’ll help you gather your things.“

Charmaine closed her eyes and let out a bitter smile, then finally turned and left.

She had already lost. She was no longer able to win against Fiona.

After Charmaine left, Joshua turned around and glanced at Luna, still holding Fiona in his arms. “ Since you’ve hurt your arm, you can take the next two days off.“

Luna chuckled when she heard this before she replied coldly, “Never mind. If I take two days off, the project will be delayed. I want to continue

working. It’s more important to continue bringing in revenue for you, Mr. Lynch.“

Joshua paused when he heard Luna’s words. He knew exactly what she meant by this.

She wanted to earn as much money as she could so she could leave Banyan City along with the children.

As soon as he thought of this, Joshua glanced at Christian impassively. “Take her home.“

With that, he turned and left with Fiona.

Luna stood motionless, curling her lips into a smirk a s she watched the two leave.

Joshua would never disappoint her. Even when faced with accusations from Charmaine, he still had other means of disposing the evidence and finding a way to excuse Fiona’s behavior calmly and level-headedly.

“Luna,“ Christian’s voice pulled Luna back to reality. “Do you need me to send you home?“

Luna turned to look at him. “Thank you, but I feel like staying back and continuing my work.“

Christian frowned, then glanced at her injured arm. “ Is work more important than your health?“

“No, but leaving this place is more of a priority to me than my health.“

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