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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 872

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 872

Who was this man, and where did he even come from?

“Don’t believe me? If you don’t, I can give her another one, and you can then see if they’re the same.“ Christian sneered and lifted Luna’s chin, then lowered his head to kiss her neck—

“That’s enough! “ Joshua’s stern voice rang out from the door’s direction just as Christian’s lips were about to graze Luna’s skin.

Startled by Joshua’s voice and tone, Christian immediately paused in his tracks.

Luna seized this opportunity and released herself from Christian’s hold.

A flicker of disappointment flashed through Christian’s eyes.

Just a little more.

Even though it was just a fake kiss and that Christian knew Luna would not let him kiss her, he still could not help feeling a little disappointed by this.

Joshua strode into the room impassively. “What are all of you doing here? Aren’t you all supposed to be doing work?“

Then, he turned around and fixated his cold gaze on Charmaine’s face. “You don’t have to come to work tomorrow.“

Charmaine was alarmed by this. “Mr. Lynch, I…“

”Lynch Group doesn’t need employees like you who obsess over their superior’s personal lives, ” Joshua sneered. ”Just now, you forced Luna to unwrap her bandage to prove that she really did hurt herself, and now, you’re interrogating her about a hickey on her neck.

”What about tomorrow, then? Will you come in and demand to know what goes on in my personal life as well? Do you need me to show you my bank account?”

Charmaine grew even more flustered. ”I —I… That’s not what I meant at all! President Lynch, I didn’t mean that at all, I just… ”

Then, she glanced at Fiona and said, ”I was just sticking up for Fiona! You’re Fiona’s boyfriend, after all, but you left just now while carrying Luna in your arms, so as Fiona’s best friend, this angered me, and I demanded to know what was going on, so — ”

Before she could finish, however, Fiona furrowed her brows and shot Charmaine a cold glance. ”What a nice joke, Ms. Ross. Since when are we friends?”

Charmaine’s entire body stiffened when she heard this. She froze for a moment, then asked, ”What do you mean by this, Fiona?”

”What I’ in trying to say is that firing you is a good decision.” Fiona let out a sigh, walked over to Joshua, and held onto his arm. ”Don’t get too mad,

Joshua. Lynch Group is such a big company with a few hundred thousand employees; there’s bound to be a few bad apples mixed in. Since we’ve spotted

them now, we should fire them as soon as possible.

There’s no need to get angry over this.“

Everyone in the design department had to catch their breath when they heard Fiona’s words.

Charmaine was the person who had always been close with Fiona. She put Fiona first and was always considerate toward her, but all of a sudden…

Samson snickered. “You’re a smart woman, Ms. Blake. You’re usually close with Charmaine, but as soon as she gets into trouble, you’re acting like an entirely different person. I admire your guts.“

Fiona curled her lips into a smile. “I’m usually close with you, too. It’s not a matter of being smart or not. I’m just simply telling the truth.“

Fiona did not want to risk offending Joshua because of someone as idiotic as Charmaine. However, since Joshua had just come back from sleeping with Luna, Fiona knew she had to act much gentler and thoughtful than before so Joshua would feel guilty for cheating on her.

Any woman who tried to make a scene as soon as they found out their husbands were cheating was the most foolish person in the world.

Charmaine could not help but feel shocked at Fiona’s attitude. She backed away nervously and slumped down on the ground in exhaustion.

How was this possible?

She had always tried to help Fiona and treated her as her best friend. She was even willing to offend Luna over and over again for Fiona, but at that point…

Charmaine let out an exhale and lifted her head to stare at Fiona, her gaze etched with hatred. ”You said we’re not best friends, right?”

She sneered and took out her phone. ”Fiona, don’t forget that I have a copy of all our text messages on my phone! I have proof of you ordering me to bully Luna and make her life as difficult as it can get! ”

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