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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 869

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 869

Fiona immediately glanced at Luna.

Luna’s left arm was wrapped in a sling, and there was even a trace of blood staining her bandages. Her face was also paler than usual.

Fiona narrowed her eyes and felt a flicker of malice surge through her.

Even if Charmaine had not called her about this earlier, she, too, knew what would happen between Joshua and Luna. The reason she forbade Charmaine to talk about this any further was so that no one else would find out about Joshua and Luna.

Since everyone thought that Joshua and Fiona were very happy together, she did not want anyone else to find out about Joshua’s affair with Luna. If everyone found out that she and Joshua were not as happy a couple as they appeared to be, no one would respect or fear her anymore.

This was the last thing that Fiona wanted, but at that moment…

Since Charmaine had already brought up Luna’s possible fake injury, Fiona decided that this was something she could use to her advantage.

If Joshua truly had taken Luna to the hospital, no one would think he was unhappy with Fiona.

As soon as she thought of this, Fiona curled her lips into a smile and walked into the office. “Charmaine, what are you talking about? Joshua explained to me

just now that the only reason he was carrying Luna in his arms was that she had hurt herself. He didn’t want me to misunderstand anything.“

Fiona stood next to Charmaine and continued in a soft, slightly eerie tone, “I don’t think Ms. Luna is the kind of person who’d fake an injury. If she did, that would interfere with her work. Besides, she won’t get anything out of this either.“

Charmaine immediately understood what Fiona was trying to get at and curled her lips into a smirk. “ What do you mean, she won’t get anything out of this? Just now, President Lynch carried her all the way out of her office and into the elevator! “

Fiona let out a sigh. “What’s so surprising about that? Joshua carries me multiple times a day. Don’t spout nonsense like this.“

Charmaine grew even more enraged when she heard this. “But you’re President Lynch’s girlfriend!

What’s Luna’s relationship with him? She’s just an ex-wife of his that refuses to move on and instead chooses to continue pestering him. She’s just pretending to work hard, but in reality, she’s plotting how to get back together with Mr. Lynch! “

Arianna could not help frowning when she heard Charmaine’s words.

Samson, on the other hand, was so angry that he stepped forward and gave Charmaine a forceful shove. “What are you talking about? If Director Luna says she hurt herself, then we believe her! Do you think she’s Fiona, constantly getting hospitalized for no reason?“

Fiona narrowed her eyes upon hearing this. A cold glint flashed through her eyes.

She hated it when people accused her of faking her illness.

Despite that, however, she continued to feign innocence and glanced at Samson, sighing. “Hey, we’re all working in the same department here, so let’s not fight.“

Then, she glanced at the crowd of people surrounding them and fixated her gaze on Luna. “Ms. Luna, why don’t…you remove your bandage and show us if you really hurt yourself or not?“

Luna shot her a cold glance but did not reply.

Fiona took a step back, pretending to be startled by Luna’s expression. “Ms. Luna, if you’re not willing to, it’s fine… It’s not like I have to look at your wound or anything. I believe you, of course, but…“

She glanced at the crowd before continuing, “ Everyone’s watching us now. If you don’t prove yourself…no one will be able to concentrate on their jobs for the rest of the day.“

Luna curled her lips into a smirk and glanced at Fiona impassively. “If I listened to you, Ms. Blake, and showed everyone my wound, and it turned out I wasn’t lying at all…

“Will you write a five-thousand-word apology letter to me and send it to everyone’s emails?“

As soon as she said this, Charmaine scoffed and crossed her arms in front of her chest. “If it turns out that you were lying all this while, then you have to write a ten-thousand-word apology letter and send it to everyone’s emails instead! “

Fiona immediately agreed. “Alright. That’s a deal.”

Fiona and Charmaine were both confident that Luna was faking her injury. Fiona was even willing to bet that there would be a hickey on Luna’s arm if she removed her bandage!

Fiona could not help but feel enraged whenever she recalled how exhausted Joshua was when he arrived home moments ago.

It should have been her! She should have been the reason Joshua was dog-tired, but it turned out that…

“Alright.” Seeing how confident Fiona and Charmaine were, Luna sneered and placed her arm in front of Arianna. Arianna could smell the stench of blood wafting off Luna’s bandaged  arm as soon as it got close  to her.

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