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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 866

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 866

“Joshua was carrying Luna simply because she got hurt, and he wanted to send her to the hospital.

That’s all it is. If you got slapped, it’s on you because you jumped to conclusions and talked nonsense. If employees of the design department or the entire Lynch Group Tower find out about this and spread rumors about Luna and Joshua, you’ll feel my wrath.“

With that, Fiona hung up the phone, much to Charmaine’s bewilderment.

What was going on? Was Fiona going crazy?

Did Fiona get so used to Joshua cheating on her with Luna that she no longer cared? Why was she on Luna and Shannon’s side?

Meanwhile, Fiona hurled the phone against the wall in anger the moment she hung up.

Even though she had reprimanded Charmaine about this, she knew full well what Joshua was up to.

She had added libido -enhancing drugs into his drink to trick him into sleeping with her. However, not only was he perfectly calm, but he even stormed off to find Luna as soon as he found out about everything.

He had left the office with Luna a1ready…and Fiona knew exactly what he was about to do!

Fiona felt a surge of fury rise inside her at the very thought.

She bit down on her lip and fixed her gaze on the phone on the floor, as though she was staring right at Luna’s beautiful, almost flawless face.

One day, she would take everything away from Luna!

One of the servants at Orchard Manor heard Fiona throw her phone against the wall and immediately stormed into the room to see what was going on.

She picked up the phone lying on the floor and handed it to Fiona.

Fiona furrowed her brows and took the phone from her. Then, just as she was about to hurl it against the wall once more, she caught sight of some messages in a group chat.

The group chat was named, (Lynch Group Representative Team for International Jewelry Design Competition].

This was the group chat that Luna and Zayne had created this morning, during their meeting, so that the team members could communicate with each other at any time.

At this moment, Zayne and Samson were discussing a potential proposal in the group chat.

Fiona narrowed her eyes.

If she remembered correctly, this competition was usually held overseas. The organizers never held the competition within their country, much less in Banyan City.

Fiona knew that Joshua wanted Luna to win the world champion title and get the prize money, so he contacted the organizers and persuaded them to come to Banyan City all the way from Europa.

Fiona was unsure how much money he spent to persuade the organizers, but she knew that she envied and hated Luna more than ever.

She envied Luna’s beauty and, at the same time, envied the affection Luna received from Joshua.

No matter how hard she tried, Fiona could never outshine Luna. Therefore…

Fiona let out a sneer.

Since Joshua loved Luna so much that he would even organize an international jewelry design contest just for her, Fiona would find a way to humiliate Luna in front of everyone!

Blue Bay Villa.

As soon as Joshua got out of the car, he bent down, picked Luna up, then kicked the front door open.

Luna let out a sigh of relief, having returned to an environment she was familiar with, and glared at the man before her. “Joshua Lynch, that’s enough! Let g o of me! “

Every time Luna got mad and scolded someone, her face would turn red, giving her usual cold and steely exterior a hint of endearing mischief.

Joshua could feel the blood rush to his head as he gazed at Luna.

Every time she struggled against his grasp, he would find it even harder to suppress his lust.

Joshua ignored Luna’s thrashing and scolding,

pinning her down against the sofa instead and pressing his body on top of hers—


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