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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 863

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 863

As soon as Luna turned around, Joshua felt the blood rush throughout his entire body.

A strange feeling arose within him. He knew what this feeling was.

Nonetheless, it was broad daylight, and he was in her office, no less.

Besides, their relationship was at its breaking point already, and after believing Fiona’s lies, Luna was probably upset at him. Joshua knew he should not be lusting after her at this moment, but he could not control himself.

He could not stop himself from walking toward her. He suppressed the fluttery feeling in his heart and hoarsely spoke, “Luna, the reason I came here is to tell you…“

Joshua let out an exhale and continued in a low voice, “I don’t intend on having children with Fiona at all.“

Luna’s entire body stiffened at that moment, but a chuckle escaped her afterward. “Is that so?“

She did not believe a single word that came out of this man’s mouth.

She stood up and circled past him toward the door, flinging the door open. “If you don’t have anything else to say, Mr. Lynch, please leave.“

Joshua could not help but narrow his eyes at her hostile attitude.

He noticed that Luna’s eyes were slightly red- rimmed. It was clear that she had been crying or, at least, had felt like it. Despite that, she was adamant that he leave…

Joshua let out an exhale. “Luna, I came here to explain everything to you. I— “

“What is there to explain? “ Luna felt amused by his contradicting statements. “Are you saying that you didn’t talk about having children with Fiona right in front of Neil’s grave? Or are you saying that Ms. Blake, the woman you love, is a liar?“

Joshua replied in a low, hoarse voice, “What if I told you the latter is true?“

Luna gave him a bitter smile. Then, she fixed her gaze on Joshua’s face and said, enunciating her words carefully, “Mr. Lynch, since Ms. Blake is a liar, why don’t you tell me exactly what you see in her? “

Joshua fell into silence. He did not know how to answer her question.

Seeing this, Luna sniffed and continued in a slightly choked voice, “If you care about and respect Neil that much, you shouldn’t have found a new

girlfriend so soon after his death, much less take her to visit his grave! “

She bit down on her lip and glared at Joshua, unable to stop her tears from falling.

Luna did not understand what was happening. She was so much more upset before Joshua arrived, yet she could not even shed a single tear.

However, as soon as Joshua arrived at her office, her tears started flowing like water from a tap. No matter how hard she tried to suppress them, they still slid down her face, even though she was furious at him instead of upset.

Lunch break was almost over, so the rest of the employees had started flocking back into the department.

At this moment, Luna was arguing with Joshua in front of her office door with tears streaming down her face. This was an interesting sight that garnered the employees’ attention.

Joshua could hear the employees’ murmurs and whispers. He furrowed his brows and took a step forward, grabbing hold of Luna and pulling her back into the office, then slammed the door behind them in a single motion.

By the time Luna finally came to, she found herself pressed against Joshua’s warm, familiar chest.

She could hear Joshua’s slightly quickened breathing coming from above her and felt inexplicably dazed.

However, she quickly regained her composure the next minute.

She shoved and tried to resist him, but the harder she struggled, the tighter Joshua’s grip on her became.

Joshua restrained her in his arms and tried insatiably to breathe in the unique scent wafting off Luna’s body.

Initially, he had pulled her back into the office and closed the door so the employees would not be able to see and gossip about them.

However, when he had his arms around her soft, warm body, he no longer felt like letting go anymore, no matter what.

When was the last time he hugged Luna like this?

Joshua could no longer remember the last time he hugged her, but he knew what he was feeling at that moment.

He wanted to hold her in his arms and never let her go.

“Joshua Lynch, let go of me!”

However, no matter how hard she tried, Luna could not overpower him and release herself from Joshua’s grip.

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