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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 848

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 848

“But Fiona works for the design department, if she wants to come, I must accompany her. But I never expected to hear her colleagues bad -mouthing her the moment we arrived.“

Luna’s hand that was pouring the wine for them paused slightly. A moment later, she smiled, she was not interested in pursuing this topic of conversation. “Mr. Lynch and Ms. Blake are so deeply in love…“

“We are. “ Joshua’s eyes were calm and indifferent. “ But precisely because we are deeply in love, I won’t just let Shannon and the others go just like this.“

The moment he said this, Shannon and the other female employees around them felt as if their hearts had been strung high in their chests.

Luna stiffened too. She curled her lips in a smile. “ Then how do you propose we resolve this matter? “

“Easy, “ Joshua chuckled softly, “I saw the list of teams that you gave me this afternoon to participate in the International Jewelry Design Competition on behalf of the Jewelry Design Department of the Lynch Group.”

He raised his eyes and looked at Luna coldly. “As the Deputy Director of the Jewelry Design Department, Shannon acted carelessly, so she was disqualified from joining the team. Fiona will take her place.“

Luna’s hand that held the wine bottle tightened viciously. Switch from Shannon to Fiona? This competition was a team-based competition, and the

number of team members were limited to less than ten people, so the people Luna chose to form a team with her were all elites in the design department.

Even her assistant Arianna was not included in the list.

Shannon was an elite of the design department, not only was she talented in design, she was also an organizational whiz, she could help save Luna a lot of time and trouble so Luna could concentrate on designing. But now…

Just because Shannon angered Fiona, she was to be substituted with Fiona, an intern who did not know anything?

Luna bit her lip. “President Lynch, I don’t think this is a good idea.“

“Why not? “ Joshua glanced at her faintly. “This is the best solution.“

That afternoon, Fiona had been pestering him non- stop, saying she wanted to join Luna’s team, that she wished to participate in an international competition like this at least once before she died.

Joshua did not agree, afraid that she would drag Luna down. But now… Only by replacing Shannon with Fiona could he not only satisfy Fiona but also avoid punishing Shannon severely. That would surely affect Luna. Considering everything, this was the best solution.

“I disagree.“ Luna pursed her lips and placed the glass in her hand on the tabletop. “The competition is not child’s play, I will allow anyone with sub -par skills into my team.“

At her words, beside them, Fiona’s hands clasped together tightly. She looked at Luna with tears in her eyes. “Ms. Luna, I know I’m definitely not as skilled as Shannon, but I will work hard! “

Luna snorted, “Work hard? By working hard, you mean to say that you couldn’t even produce a draft of a copy within a week’s time?“

Since Fiona joined the company, Luna did not see an ounce of her hard work. In the past, she thought Joshua just sent Fiona to the design department to spend time away and be pampered like a spoiled princess, that’s why she did not pay her much attention. There were so many people in the design department anyway, one more would not make much of a difference.

But now, they are participating in a competition. An international competition where at most, there could only be lo team members. At an important juncture like this, Joshua wanted to slip Fiona into her team to sit on her hands and while away the time?

Her words made Fiona’s complexion turn even paler than before. She lowered her head, tears streaming down her cheeks in rivulets as she said, “There’s… there’s a reason for this. Joshua…“

Seeing her tears, Joshua frowned in irritation. He tugged her into his arms. “Luna, with your talent, even if there’s one less person in the team compared to the others, I ‘m confident you will not lose. Can’t you just accept having one less person in the team and make a place for Fiona?“

Luna narrowed her eyes, so furious that she started to laugh instead. ”Joshua Lynch, how far are you willing to go for this woman? Don’t you have a bottom line?”

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