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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 847

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 847

The air in the room turned into ice at Joshua’s words. Luna frowned at the cold surrounding air, and finally pulled her mind back from the conversation with Bonnie.

The moment she raised her eyes, she saw Joshua and Fiona standing together in the doorway. They had their arms hooked through each other’s arms, dressed in the same moon -white color, from afar, they looked like the perfect couple.

At that moment, Joshua was glaring icily at Shannon and the few female employees beside her, his fury apparent in his eyes.

Under his gaze, Shannon turned pale as a ghost, the few people around her all lowered their heads instinctively and did not dare to raise their heads at all.

Luna did not know what happened. But tonight’s gathering was organized by her, she was the one who invited all of them. She had to step forward to smooth things out when the atmosphere turned tense.

She sucked in a deep breath and stood up. “Since Mr. Lynch and Ms. Blake are here, why don’t the both of you come in and have a seat?“

With that, she glanced at the two people who were standing stock still in the doorway. “What’s wrong?“

“What’s wrong?“ Joshua snorted and shifted his ice- cold gaze onto Luna. “Why don’t you ask your dear subordinates what they were gossiping about behind other people’s backs?“

Luna instinctively turned and glanced at Shannon.

Shannon bit her lip and hurriedly stood up, saying, “ I’m…I’m sorry! I should not have gossiped about Ms. Blake behind her back! I’m so sorry! “

With that she picked up her personal belongings from the sofa and announced, “I’ll be leaving now, I don’t want to rain on everyone’s parade! “

Seeing Shannon stand up, the other women who also participated in the exchange of gossip also stood up in a hurry, followed Shannon’s example and apologized to Joshua and Fiona, then rushed to the backdoor.

Luna frowned, then stood up and stopped Shannon from leaving with a tug to her sleeve. “You haven’t even eaten yet, why are you leaving?“

Their department hardly gathered together and now Shannon and a bunch of other colleagues were leaving even before the food was served?

Seeing Luna stop her, Shannon bit her lip and lowered her voice, saying in a volume that could only be heard by the two of them, “Director Luna…we were just saying that Fiona was feigning her illness

As she spoke, she glanced at Joshua and Fiona who were standing in the doorway, her complexion pale as a ghost. “Now that they heard us…maybe we might even lose our jobs, we…“

Luna narrowed her eyes. Just now she was busy talking to Bonnie on the phone and did not pay attention to the conversation between the other women.

Taking in a deep breath, she bit her lip and said, “ Come back. I’ll deal with this.“

Seeing Luna’s determined gaze, Shannon sighed and could do nothing but apologize. “I’m sorry for causing you trouble.“

Luna did not answer. She led Shannon and the other female colleagues back into the room and gave up the main seat in the private room, then smiled and glanced at Joshua and Fiona who still remained standing in the doorway.

“Mr. Lynch, Ms. Blake, come, take a seat. That was wrong of them, I’ll talk to them later one by one.

Since you’re here tonight, you must have intended to eat and have fun with us. Don’t let a minor issue like this spoil your moods.“

With that, she shifted her eyes to Fiona and smiled as she said, “Ms. Blake, as the president’s girlfriend, I’m sure you wouldn’t care about something as minor as this?“

Fiona narrowed her eyes. Even though she was not satisfied with how Luna dealt with the issue, but…

Hearing Luna personally acknowledge that she was Joshua’s girlfriend made her mood much better.

So she curled her lips into a smile and pulled Joshua closer to her. “Of course, I don’t care about something as minor as this. I was just comforting Joshua not to be angry just because someone bad – mouthed me… But he wouldn’t listen.“

Luna narrowed her eyes and turned her gaze to Joshua.

He snorted then dragged Fiona to the main seat in the private room.

Because of Joshua and Fiona’s added presence, the originally lively and bustling crowd now sat upright, with their backs ramrod straight. The atmosphere in the room was heavy and stifling.

Luna pursed her lips and enthusiastically filled Joshua’s and Fiona’s glasses with wine as she said, “ Mr. Lynch, I thought you’re very busy and wouldn’t have time to attend a small departmental gathering like this.”

“Of course I’m very busy.”

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