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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 846

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 846

He lifted his thick, well-defined hand and rubbed between his eyebrows. “The design department is the only department in the entire group that organized an event to celebrate my son’s recovery. Is there a problem with me attending their gathering?“

Lucas was silent for a few moments. “No problem at all.“

Then, he lowered his head and focused on organizing the documents, continuing his work reports to Joshua.

Half an hour later, after finishing the arrangements and reports about work, Lucas sighed before leaving the office. In the end, he could not help himself and said, “Actually, I think…both you and Ms. Blake should not be attending the gathering tonight…“

Luna’s dinner party was a happy occasion. If Joshua and Fiona attended, the staff members would not be able to relax and have fun, but most importantly, Luna would feel uncomfortable.

Besides, if Fiona and Luna got drunk and got into a fight… The repercussions would be disastrous.

Joshua squinted at his assistant’s words. “You mean, I shouldn’t attend a dinner to celebrate the success of my son’s operation?”

Lucas was speechless.

He sucked in a deep breath. “I’m sorry, I should not have said that. “ Then, he held the documents in his arms and fled out of the room.

Looking at his assistant’s retreating back, Joshua squinted his eyes faintly, then lowered them and continued his work.

He knew what Lucas was worried about. But…

Even though the gathering tonight was a departmental gathering, Luna was a woman after all. He knew how high her alcohol tolerance level was and her habits after she got drunk.

If he wasn’t there, he would be too worried about her drinking alone with those people. Even though those people were her subordinates, he would still be married.


He lifted his hand and caressed the invitation to the International Jewelry Design Competition on the table in front of him, a wry smile on the edges of his lips.

After the competition, Luna and the jewelry produced by the Lynch Group would be famous worldwide, then she could earn more money for him quickly and leave Banyan City, this hotbed for trouble and rumors.

Then, there would be less and less time for him to spend with her.

That evening at s p.m. on the dot, everyone in the design department got off work.

Shannon led everyone to Luna’s office, where they handed her the completed 500- word apology letters and looked forward to the dinner gathering later.

Even though money was a little tight for her, she still brought them to a fairly decent place, the Yacht Club Hotel, one of the subsidiaries of the Craig Group owned by Bonnie.

Bonnie had already made arrangements with the manager of the hotel, so the manager was already waiting at the entrance for Luna and her subordinates when they stepped out of their taxis.

They were given the most luxurious private room in the Yacht Club Hotel. The moment Shannon and Samson entered the room, they started cheering.

Everyone enjoyed themselves, some eating while others sang songs on the karaoke machine and yet many others sat around engaged in conversation.

Luna sat in the corner, thanking Bonnie over the phone. “I ‘m sorry you had to waste money on me, thank you.“

“What are you talking about, back then, I wanted to give this hotel to you as a present, now I’m just giving you a discount, what are you thanking me for?“

Then, she even sent a photo of her attending a banquet in their neighboring city tonight. “Does my jewelry match my dress? I need some advice please.“

Luna smiled helplessly, then lowered her head and typed out a reply seriously. Beside her, Shannon and a few other female staff members started to gossip as they drank.

“Luckily Fiona didn’t come today, the atmosphere would be ruined if she did.”

“Previously, of the women beside President Lynch, I found Alice Gibson to be irritating, but now, Fiona is even worse.”

“She looked so fake when she was taking her medicine this morning, maybe she’s just pretending to be sick.”

“Exactly, I think she’s faking it too, her acting skills are so poor, how come President Lynch can’t see through her act?”

The moment the words left her mouth, the door to the room was slammed open with a loud bang.

Standing in the doorway were Joshua and Fiona.

Fiona had her arm hooked through Joshua’s arm, her complexion pale and lifeless. With an ice-cold expression on his face, Joshua looked at the female staff member who just spoke, his tone low and forbidding as he said, “Please repeat what you just said.”

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