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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 842

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 842


Charmaine snorted, “All of you want to offer her son well-wishes, so why don’t you all go to her house and offer them to him personally? We’re in the office, during office hours and blessing a child who doesn’t even work here?“

With that, she turned and looked at Fiona solicitously. “Fiona, you have to tell President Lynch about this! “

“It’s alright.“

Fiona lowered her head shyly. “Joshua himself celebrated the occasion for me during office hours… Actually, he wanted the entire office to come together and pray for my smooth recovery but I didn’t want to trouble everyone…“

With that, she lowered her head, her cheeks dusted in pink. “Actually, I don’t really care whether other people wish me well or not, I’m happy as long as I have Joshua.“

Luna narrowed her eyes slightly at the other woman’s words. She knew Fiona said this on purpose. She intentionally brought up Joshua, intentionally mentioned that she rejected Joshua’s

suggestion for the entire office to offer her their well-wishes,  and had Joshua celebrate with her alone…

She was just trying to show that Joshua wanted to spoil her but she herself was too kind and understanding to allow that. But most importantly, it was to drive Luna crazy.

At this thought, Luna could not help but laugh. She never expected that even now, Fiona still saw her as competition, and would even purposely mention the fact that Joshua celebrated her discharge for her and her alone.

She did not have the time to play the game for Joshua’s affection. So, she hugged the big bouquet of flowers to her chest and smiled casually. “Ms. Blake is a reasonable woman after all.“

Then, she raised her head and looked at Shannon. “Ms. Blake and Charmaine are right, we should not be doing this during office hours. But since we have, then all of you, write a 500- word apology and send it to me.“

Everyone could not help but mourn in their hearts.

They were just offering their blessings, why did they have to write a letter of apology?


Luna curled her lips. “To celebrate the recovery of my son Nigel, I invite all of you to dinner and karaoke tonight.”

As soon as the woman’s words left her lips, there was a huge cheer in the office.

Director Luna personally invited everyone to dinner and sing!

This is a rare incident that happens only once in a century!

What was a five-hundred-word apology letter compared to this!

Shannon also placated the crowd with a smile. ” Keep it down, keep it down. If not, staff from other departments will come to share the excitement. All of you, write your apology letter, quick! 500 words will take no time. Tonight, all of us will leave work on time and go for a meal and a karaoke session with Director Luna!

After everyone quietened down, Luna hugged the bouquet of flowers to her chest and walked to Fiona with a smile. ”The time that they spent on me was about two minutes, do the two of you think a too- word apology is sufficient?”

Charmaine’s complexion was pale as a ghost. ”Why are you asking me? I’m not the one who sets the rules and regulations in the company!

Luna curled her lips in a sneer then looked at her tauntingly. ”I didn’t ask you. Right, Shannon is also considered your superior, right? You were so rude to her just now, according to the company’s rules, how should that incident be dealt with?”

The remaining blood in Charmaine’s cheeks drained out of her completely. She bit her lip. ”I…I was just… ”

Seeing Luna cause trouble for Charmaine, Fiona frowned. ”Charmaine just said a few things that she should not have said, you don’t have to take it so seriously, do you?”

Luna shot back at her. ”The celebrations just now only took up two minutes of everyone’s workday. Even so, both you and Charmaine took it so seriously, you even wanted to report this incident to Joshua. Then why can’t you take Charmaine’s insult of Shannon seriously?” As she spoke, she glanced indifferently at Charmaine’s pale, bloodless face and said, ”Why don’t I tell Joshua about everything that you said just now and ask him about his opinion?”

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