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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 836

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 836

After closing the door, she closed her eyes and leaned against it. The sound of his retreating footsteps drifted in through the wood.

As she expected. He came to return the documents. After giving her the documents, he did not even bother taking an extra look at the children and turned and left.

Luna leaned against the door, a layer of ice enveloping her heart. Previously in his room downstairs, she clearly heard him say that he would not be visiting Nigel tomorrow. But to her, he said he would try his best. She knew that ‘trying his best’ meant that he would not appear.


The next day, Nigel’s operation went ahead as scheduled.

Early in the morning, Anne and Bonnie both stood waiting in the hospital with a big bouquet of flowers in their arms. Zayne, Shannon and the rest were also there. Samson helped Arianna as she wobbled to the hospital. Even Gwen, who was far away in Sea City, had purposely recorded a video together with Luke to wish Nigel good luck for his operation.

It went without saying that Malcolm would have already sent both his well-wishes and a gift card to them the day before.

All of Luna’s friends had expressed their concern for Nigel and his operation, sending him their well- wishes.

All except that man. He did not appear.

As Nigel’s birth father, he did not even send a message to Luna. Before Nigel entered the surgical theatre, he was talking to Luna as he looked casually in the direction of the elevators.

Luna knew who he was expecting. She held his hand and said, “He’s quite busy, don’t worry, just concentrate on your operation.“

Nigel retracted his gaze and smiled wordlessly. “ Joshua…really isn’t coming?“

Luna closed her eyes, nodding with a bitter smile.

“He’s too much! “ Anne said, her voice low but furious. “No matter what, Nigel is his son, this is such a major operation and he really isn’t coming to see him? Not at all?! “

Beside them, Shannon frowned. She sounded unconvinced as she said, “Maybe Mr. Lynch is preoccupied and will come later? When I arrived at the office this morning, his secretary said President Lynch left after giving some simple orders. He even took two days’ leave, I ‘m sure he’ll be here soon! “

Anne pursed her lips and finally relaxed, heaving out a sigh of relief. “That’s more like it. How can a father not be here when his son is undergoing an operation? I saw Nigel’s eyes drifting to the elevators, he must be waiting for him. What is he thinking, how can he be late for something as major as an operation?”

Luna leaned on the bench, her eyes staring fixedly at the three bright red words that read ‘Operation in Progress’.

The doctor said Nigel’s operation would take around five or six hours. She did not know how long Fiona’s operation would take.

It should end before Nigel’s, right?

Once Fiona’s operation was concluded, would he take the time to visit Nigel? Or would he take the opportunity while Fiona was in the operating theatre to come and visit his son who was critically ill and was about to be reborn?

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