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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 828

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 828

“The donor hopes that you and your relatives would stop finding out their identity. Whether it be now or after the bone marrow transplant.“

Then, Rowena patted Luna on the shoulders. “Can you do that?“

Luna furrowed her brows. “That simple?“

She thought that the donor would pull out suddenly because they have encountered an unsolvable problem.

Luna speculated that it was most probably financial problems. She was even ready to borrow another lump sum from Bonnie.

However, Luna did not expect that the request that the donor came up with was just to forbid her to look for the donor?


Perhaps, Rowena has long guessed that Luna would react this way. Rowena nodded.

“The donor already knows that you previously tried to investigate them, so this is a warning.“

Luna paused for a while. “Okay, I understand.“

Luna only wanted to find the donor so she could do something to express her appreciation.

Turns out, not only did she find the wrong person, she nearly made a gross mistake.

Since the donor has already requested that, Luna would no longer continue looking for the donor.

Seeing Luna agreeing to the request, Rowena let out a sigh of relief.

“That’s great. Go back home. Nigel’s surgery is tomorrow. All you need to do as his mother is to properly keep him accompanied.“

Luna nodded before turning around and leaving.

When she returned to the ward, her two children were still planning the next day in disappointment.

Luna excitedly rushed over to hug them. “Problem solved. The surgery will go on as usual tomorrow! “

Nigel and Nellie looked at each other in surprise. They were so excited that they were rendered speechless.

In the end, Nellie suggested for Luna to buy ice cream to celebrate.

Of course, it was only ice cream for Luna and her. Nigel had to prepare for the surgery the next day, he could not simply eat any type of food.

Luna agreed and went to the supermarket downstairs in a good mood.

Not only did she buy Nellie ice cream, she even got Bonnie to help search for the best computer and keyboard in Banyan City. She planned to give Nigel a surprise after the surgery the next day.

Just when Luna was going back to the hospital entrance from the supermarket with ice cream in her hand, a black Maseratee flew past her.

Finally, the car stopped by the entrance of the hospital.

The car door opened and Joshua came down from the car. He went around the car and carried Fiona, who was in a white dress, up.

He was still wearing the hospital gown that Luna put on him when taking care of him for the past few days.

Also, when Joshua was carrying Fiona, she could clearly see the sweat on Joshua’s forehead.

Luna narrowed her eyes and sneered. Joshua would really do anything for Fiona.

He had been unconscious for the past three days. He was still a patient, yet he still pretended as if nothing had happened and carried Fiona down the car.

Luna did not believe that Fiona’s sickness would be more serious than Joshua, who had passed out for three days.

Just when Luna was standing in the distance looking at them with the ice cream in her hands, Fiona turned her head around.

Their eyes met.

Fiona smiled at Luna provocatively. Then, she obediently and gently looked at Joshua who was carrying her.

“Joshua, why don’t you let me down. I can walk on my own. You just got better, don’t tire yourself out.”

Joshua replied in a low and calm voice, “I’m fine. Your body is the most important thing.”

Then, Joshua strode into the hospital with Fiona in his arms.

“Why did you stay at home if you’re sick instead of coming to the hospital? You make me worried for you Luna stood in the same spot and looked at Joshua and Fiona leaving. She sneered.

Joshua truly brought it upon himself.

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