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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 827

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 827

Nigel and Nellie were instantly stunned at Luna’s words.

They looked at each other. They did not know why Luna suddenly said those words.

In the end, Nigel, who was the more mature one, furrowed his brows. He leaned his emaciated body against the wall.

“Mommy…did something happen with the bone marrow transplant?“

Nigel’s question hit the nail on the head.

Luna closed her eyes and sighed heavily. She nodded.

She let go of Nellie and said seriously, “The donor pulled out last minute. They are not willing to undergo the surgery. I’m planning to look for a doctor right now. No matter what, I have to talk to the donor tonight.“

Since the donor was willing to donate their bone marrow without any reward, that meant that they were willing to help Nigel.

The situation at that moment might be perhaps that they have encountered some problems in life.

Actually, while Luna was crying in the elevator, she had also made up her mind.

It was almost seven in the evening at that moment. The doctor said that if the donor did not arrive at the hospital by nine, the surgery the next day would be called off.

Luna did not have the confidence that she would be able to get the donor’s details within the next two hours and convince them to come to the hospital.

However, thankfully, Nigel’s condition at that moment was not too serious.

As long as she knew who the donor was, she could properly talk to them. No matter what problem they have encountered, Luna would help them as best as she could, so that the donor would be able to donate the bone marrow without any burdens.

She was even willing to exchange everything she had. As long as she could save Nigel’s life.

The surgery could be pushed back, but the donor was one in a million and Nigel’s only hope of survival. Luna could not give up.

When Nigel heard Luna’s plans, he was silent for a while.

In the end, Nigel, who had a pale face, forced a smile. “Thank you, Mommy.“

He walked over to Luna and hugged her gently.

“No matter how it ends, I ‘m grateful to have been your son in this life.“

Luna’s eyes started to turn sore at Nigel’s words.

She did not dare to continue spending more time with Nigel and Nellie. She got the nurse beside her to send them back to their ward, then she went to Dr. Rowena’s office alone.

When Luna pushed the door open. Rowena just placed her phone down.

Seeing Luna entering, Rowena immediately stood up, “Nigel’s mother, I was just about to look for you.

About Nigel’s surgery tomorrow…“

Luna has already completely accepted the fact that the donor pulled out.

She took a deep breath and said, “Let’s push back tomorrow’s surgery since the donor is unwilling to Rowena paused for a while before smiling and interrupting Luna.

“I was just about to talk to you about this. I just received the news that the donor is willing to continue with the surgery. We have sent our people to pick the donor up. The donor would be here in the hospital by nine. Don’t worry.“

Luna was stunned.

She was overwhelmed by the series of bad news that day.

When she finally received a piece of good news, Luna suddenly felt as if it was unreal.

Luna bit her lips and looked at Rowena seriously. “You’re not joking with me, right?“

Rowena looked at Luna.

“Which doctor would joke about such a thing with the patient’s family? The donor did indeed promise seriously to come over, but they have a request they hope you would cooperate with.”

Luna paused for a while and immediately asked, ” What request? Will I be able to do it? W-What do you need me to do?”

Looking at how nervous Luna was, Rowena shook her head.

”It’s simple.”

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