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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 826

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 826

Thus, his hands were trembling when he picked his phone up. His phone almost fell to the ground a few times.

However, Joshua did not mind it at all. He picked his phone up with difficulty and called Lucas.

“Lucas, I’m up. Come and pick me from the hospital immediately. I want to head to Orchard Manor and pick Fiona up to head to the hospital.“

Lucas, on the other end of the call, was stunned for a while. Upon remembering that Nigel’s surgery was the next day, he instantly understood what Joshua meant.

“Sure, I’ll be there! “

Upon receiving Lucas’ promise, Joshua let out a sigh of relief. He changed into a more comfortable position and placed his phone by the side.

Looking at him, Luna felt that she was pathetic and comical.

She had been working so hard taking care of him for the past three days yet this was what she got in return?

She initially wanted to tell Joshua about the fact that the donor pulled out last minute.

However, looking at how he was so concerned for Fiona the moment he woke up, Luna did not feel the need to tell him.

What use was there telling him about Nigel’s matter?

He never had her nor her children in his eyes. He only had Fiona.

He knew that Nigel’s surgery was the next day, yet he did not even mention Nigel. All he thought was Fiona.

He was busy picking Fiona up to head to the hospital. Where did he have the time to bother with Luna and her children?

Luna took a deep breath.

“Since you’re already awake and planning to head back to Orchard Manor to pick Fiona up, then I’m sure you don’t need me here anymore, Mr. Lynch. I still have an emergency to attend to. I’ll make a move first.


Looking at Luna leaving, Joshua smiled.

“Thank you for your care the past few days. I ‘ll get the finance department to increase your pay.“

Luna’s hand which was on the doorknob paused fiercely.

After a moment, she laughed.

“Then, I thank you for your generosity, Mr. Lynch. I am indeed short on money.“

Then, Luna did not stay there anymore. She strode away from the ward.

Joshua laid on the bed, looking at Luna leaving, and slightly narrowed his eyes.

He picked his phone up.

“Luna is about to reach your office. Calm her down. Tell her that the donor is willing to undergo the surgery.“

Rowena, on the other end of the call, was stunned. “Mr. Lynch, you’re awake! “

“Hmm, I ‘m going to pick Fiona up right now. Hold the fort on Luna’s side.“

Coming out from the ward, Luna strode to the elevator.

On the way there, her footsteps quickened. There were no expressions on her face.

She was the only one in the elevator.

The moment the elevator doors closed, tears helplessly fell from Luna’s eyes.

Her heart hurt so badly as if something was crushing it.

It hurt so much. Luna was in so much pain she leaned against the elevator wall and slid down to the ground.

In the end, she slumped to the ground and sobbed hard on the elevator floor.

Even if she thought her defense was impenetrable, she was still a thoughtful and meticulous woman. It would be impossible for her…

Once she closed her eyes, the scene where Joshua

kept calling Fiona’s name when he woke up appeared in her mind.

She suddenly realized that her care for him for the past few days was just a joke.

Time and time again. This was the second time.

Jude might be able to come up with many so -called reasons to prove that Joshua had her in his heart, to prove that Joshua actually cared for her.

However, when she truly faced Joshua, she realized that what Jude said was all a joke.

The first name Joshua yelled when he woke up was Fiona.

That proved that when he was unconscious, all he was thinking about was Fiona.

What other evidence did she need to prove that Joshua likes someone else?

Luna cried her eyes out in the elevator.

However, when the elevator doors opened, Luna’s pretty face was only a little flushed. There was not a single drop of tears to be seen.

She has collected all her emotions.

When she exited from the elevator, she immediately noticed Nigel and Nellie standing opposite the elevator entrance.

The two of them were holding hands, quietly waiting for her while leaning against the wall.

Upon seeing her, Nellie let go of Nigel’s hand. She ran over.

“Mommy. I’m so happy! Nigel’s surgery is tomorrow. He will be as healthy as me in the future. He can healthily accompany me to find Neil! We could be properly together as a family!”

Luna looked at Nellie hugging her. She felt extremely heart wrenching.

Luna sniffled her nose. She bent down and hugged Nellie in her arms.

Endless despair slowly washed over her. “I’m…so useless.”

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