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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 821

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 821

“After saying all these, you still can’t let him go.“

At night, Luna looked after Joshua. After changing his IV drip, Bonnie called. When Bonnie heard the excuse Luna gave for staying to take care of him, she could not help but sigh.

“Your excuses are invalid. Nellie’s illness only needs to be carefully taken care of, she would get better sooner or later.

“Nigel’s illness needs money. Joshua is unconscious. It’s just nice that no one could hold me back. I would be able to afford ten million, let alone a million dollars. I don’t believe that you have never thought of this.

“You only want these as an excuse for you to stay back in the hospital to take care of him.“

Bonnie sighed.

“Forget about it. I have no right to lecture you. Back then, I had been always hesitating just for a scumbag like Jason. Although Joshua is terrible to you too, but compared to that scumbag, Jason, he is much better.

“But, even if you’re staying there to take care of him, you have to be careful. Don’t fall for him.“

Then, Bonnie directly hung up.

On this side of the call, Luna held her phone and sighed heavily.

Bonnie was right. To say that it was for Nigel and Nellie…was all just an excuse.

However, she chose to stay there and take care of Joshua not completely because she could not let him go.

In the evening, Jude sent her more videos and recordings.

Besides the things he said the night before and the roses, Joshua actually did a lot of things for her.

When she was unconscious, not only did Joshua take the initiative to bring Nigel back from abroad, but he also used his money to pacify Theo’s father.

If not, Theo’s father, Nathan, would never have let go of the fact that Luna killed Theo, let alone persuade Celeste.

Also, Neil.

After Neil passed away, Joshua tried to search day and night for Neil’s torn pieces of clothing amidst the crumbling ruins.

Furthermore, the donor for Nigel’s bone marrow somewhat had to do with Joshua.

Joshua had secretly done all these things for her without telling her.

Luna sighed. She looked at the man with angular facial features in front of her.

She realized she was getting more confused with this man.

What is he like as a person? Was he aloof and heartless just like how he presented himself?

Perhaps he was like what Jude said, secretly doing a lot of things, then silently bearing through everything.

Luna could not think straight.

Thus, she wanted to take care of him and get him to wake up sooner. She wanted to ask him for an explanation right in front of his face. Why did he do so many things but never told her?

Why did he clearly care for his children so much, yet he was not willing to share their medical bills? Why did he have to put on a cold and heartless front?

Luna took care of Joshua in his ward for three days.

In those three days, besides work, she had been cooped up in the small ward.

Sometimes, during lunch, she would also come to check up on Joshua, to see if he has woken up or not.

By the evening of the third day, Luna looked at the time on her phone. She sighed heavily.

Nigel was about to undergo bone marrow transplant surgery the next day.

If Joshua still did not come around…

Perhaps, he might miss out on Nigel’s most important day.

If something were to happen to Nigel during surgery, he would no longer have the chance to see Nigel anymore.

“Ms. Luna, don’t worry, with such a wise and kind wife like you, Mr. Lynch would surely wake up.“

The nurse gently comforted Luna while changing Joshua’s IV drip bag.

”If he doesn’t come around, how could he pay you back for all you have done for the past few days?”

Luna smiled at the nurse.

”We’re divorced.” They had been divorced for six years already.

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