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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 820

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 820

Then, Jude turned and left.

Luna smiled bitterly. She turned around and sat on the stairs.

She hugged her knees, quietly looking at the clean floor in front of her in a daze.

Her mind was blank.

She felt as if she should do something at that moment, but she also did not know what was the right decision or reaction.

After a long while, the doors to the stairwell were pushed open.

Nigel and Nellie were holding on to one side of the doors each. They looked at each other before walking over to Luna and sat down next to her, one of each side.

Nigel reached out his hands and grabbed Luna’s hand.

“Mommy, what are you thinking?”

Luna came to her senses. She forced a smile at her children.

“Nothing much.” Then, she took a deep breath. “ Should we head home? Let’s go home. What do you feel like eating tonight?”

Nellie pursed her lips. She secretly held onto Luna’s other hand.

“We’ll get Christian to send us back. Mommy, why don’t you…stay here and take care of Daddy.“

Luna was stunned for a moment. Then she laughed mockingly, “Why should I stay here and care for him? Is he worth me taking care of?“

Nellie sighed.

“Mommy, I know you still worry and care for Daddy. If not, after what Uncle Jude said to you, you should have taken us back home directly and not sit here in a daze. Since you stayed back, that meant that you’re hesitant.

“Since you’re hesitant, why don’t you just stay.“

It was rare that Nellie would say so much at once.

Luna pursed her lips. She held Nellie’s hand and laughed helplessly.

“It’s so hard to get you to talk usually. Why do you have so much to say now?“

Actually, Luna could understand how Nellie likes Joshua too.

After all, when she first brought Neil and Nellie back to Banyan City, Nellie was the first one to return to Joshua. She was also the one who had been cared for by Joshua the longest.

Nellie instantly turned pale upon Luna’s words. She bit her lips, lifted her gaze. Her eyes were reddened.

“I’m afraid that Daddy…might not wake up.“ Then, Nellie suddenly thought of something. She reached out to grab Luna’s arm.

“Mommy, why don’t we do this. You promise me to take good care of Daddy here. Get him to wake up. Once he wakes up, I will actively cooperate with the doctors’ treatment. I’ll get better sooner. What do you say?“

Once Nellie finished her sentence, Nigel, by the side, also nodded.

“Mommy, I think you should stay too, because…“ Nigel sighed in a sophisticated way.

“I ‘ve already checked the bank account of the one you signed the agreement with Joshua. He has not… sent over the money for my medical bills. I asked Uncle Lucas just now. He said that Joshua used his own name to sign the agreement with you. If he does not wake up…my medical bills might possibly…“

Something exploded in Luna’s mind upon Nigel’s words.

She almost forgot! Nigel’s medical bills!

It was as if she finally found a reason to stay back to take care of Joshua.

Luna stood up.

“Both of you are right. I should stay here and take care of him and get him to wake up sooner.“

Luna treated it as if she was doing it for her children. She had to wake him up.

“Then it’s decided. I’ll send both of them back.“

The moment Luna finished her sentence, Christian, who had always been eavesdropping by the door, chuckled. He walked in and gently patted Luna on the shoulders.

“Don’t worry. I’ll send them back home in one piece.”

Luna nodded seriously.

Coincidentally, the nurse was calling for Joshua’s family outside his ward in the distance.

Luna barely hesitated. She directly rushed out.

“That’s me! “

Christian and the two kids stood by the entrance to the stairwell and looked at Luna discussing with the nurse about Joshua’s illness seriously. They helplessly smiled.

“Your Mommy still can’t let go of my uncle.” Nigel nodded.

“So, my dear cousin, you have no chance of pursuing our Mommy.”

Christian glared at Nigel before bending down to carry Nellie up.

“Let’s go. I’ll send you both home.” He never thought of pursuing Luna.

It was not because he did not like her, it was because he knew he was not worthy of her.

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