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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 819

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 819

Jude gasped.

“Luna, I have never lied to you! “

It was Joshua who was the one that had always been lying to her!

Luna sneered. She sized Jude up.

“They say that the current head of the Smith family was an honest man who rarely lies to others. From what I could see, you are completely different from what the people are saying.

“But it’s true too. Since you could become good friends with a pathological liar like Joshua for so many years, what  they said must only be rumors. “

Then, Luna went around Jude and was about to leave.

She only took a few steps when Jude, behind her, furrowed his brows and called after her.

“Hold up.“

Jude furrowed his brows and chased after Luna. He pulled Luna back to the stairwell.

“Luna, must you be so harsh in your words? Joshua has his own difficulties, maybe there are many things he did not tell you and your kids, but his feelings for you are real. I’ll say it once again, I have never lied to you! “

Then, Jude took his phone out, unconvinced. He showed Luna the video he took of Joshua being drunk the night before.

“Look at this man! When he’s utterly drunk he is still calling out your name! “

Luna looked at Jude coldly. She was not willing to look at the video on his phone.

Jude panicked. He directly stuffed his phone into Luna’s hands.

“You can not look for all I care! “

Luna held onto the phone. She was about to return it to Jude when she heard a drunken man’s voice coming from the phone.


“I’m sorry…

“In this life, the person I’m most sorry for is you…“ The instant Luna heard Joshua’s hoarse voice, Luna froze.

She gripped the phone. Although she was unwilling, she still lowered her head and picked the phone up.

The video on the phone is of Joshua sitting in a booth at the bar. He kept downing strong alcohol bottle after bottle.

He kept drinking while yelling her name and apologizing to her.

He made her lose two of her children.

Looking at how red Joshua’s face was in the video and how he kept repeating those words, Luna felt as if a storm was happening in her heart.

She was drenched and suffocated.

Looking at how Luna was slightly relaxed, Jude immediately opened his mouth.

“You kept saying that other women are more important than you in his heart! Listen up! Is he calling for Aura, Alice, or Fiona? He has always been calling out your name! “

Luna pursed her lips. She gripped the phone so hard her knuckles turned white.

She sniffled her nose and looked at Joshua in the video. Listening to his voice, she had mixed feelings.

It turned out, he knew everything.

He knew that he was guilty. He knew that because of him she lost two of her children. He knew he deserved it.


“Look at this man, “ Jude sighed and said in pain, “ his old illness has relapsed, but his illness was because back then when you went missing, he thought you had died. He drank himself sick!

“Luna, if you have any guilty conscience, you should not say harsh things to him and even curse him to his death when he drank until like this because of you! “

Then, Jude directly snatched the phone back from Luna.

“I ‘ve already said what I needed to say. If you still think that Joshua never had you or your kids in his heart, then you can bring your children back. I won’t stop you.“

Luna closed her eyes. She felt a little dizzy.

When Jude said all that and even showed her the video, Luna’s frozen heart hurt once more.

She took a deep breath. Her voice was extremely hoarse.

“Then, he…”

Since he knew that he was sorry for her and he knew that she had a misunderstanding with him, then why did he not explain to her that night? He even said those things to her.

Even when Luna mentioned Fiona, the first thing he did was to defend Fiona?

Jude was silent for a while. After a moment, he sighed.

“Joshua has his difficulties. Some things should not be told by me. If he wanted to say, you all would know about it sooner or later, so don’t ask me.”

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