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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 816

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 816

“Should we leave now?“

“I’m not concerned for him.“

Luna turned her face over. She did not dare to meet Christian’s gaze.

“But since we’re going to visit him, then we should leave earlier. I do not want to delay the children’s dinner.“

Then, Luna took a deep breath and sped up her packing process.

Looking at her, Christian could not help but sigh. Actually, Luna was still worried for Joshua…

After Luna finished packing, Christian’s car, which had already picked Nigel and Nellie up, was waiting at the entrance of the office.

When the four of them reached the hospital, they bumped into Fiona coming out from Joshua’s ward.

Fiona was still in a knee-length dress. Her face was n o longer in a pitiful look, but a mocking expression instead.

“What? Once you heard that Joshua is sick and unconscious, you brought your children over? Are you thinking that he is almost dying, so you want your kids to inherit the family’s fortune? Luna, how vicious of you.“

Fiona narrowed her eyes, sneered, and looked at Luna’s face.

“Too bad, you two have been divorced for a long time. From the moment he decided not to pay your children’s medical bills, your children have lost their legitimacy. They will never inherit his fortune. Even i f he dies, his money is all mine! “

Luna gasped at Fiona’s attitude.

Joshua was only unconscious, yet Fiona was already thinking about the inheritance.

Was Luna the vicious one or was it Fiona? “Fiona, what are you saying?“

Christian furrowed his brows. He walked over and placed Luna and her two children behind him. He looked at Fiona in displeasure.

“You’re currently my uncle’s girlfriend. He only just turned unconscious, yet you started talking about inheritance? How is that appropriate?“

Fiona harrumphed coldly. She swept Christian a cold gaze.

“It is indeed inappropriate, but I was not the one that brought it up first. If you accuse me of being inappropriate, then what about her? She brought all her children over once he went into a coma. How disgusting! “

Then, Fiona harrumphed coldly and immediately left.

Luna remained in the same spot looking at Luna leaving. She could not help but sneer.

The Fiona that she used to know was always gentle, feeble, and rather sickly. She spoke to people in hushed tones.

Not once had she spoken so harshly with full of gusto like that moment.

It looked like once Joshua was unconscious, she lost her support, so she did not even bother to put on an act anymore?

Why did Joshua like this woman? His taste in women was extraordinarily bad.

However, Luna’s taste in men was far worse.

After all, the man that she likes had such a narrow worldview, yet she still liked him for so many years.

“Don’t mind her. She has always been this neurotic.“ Once Fiona left, Christian pursed his lips and gently comforted Luna.

Luna furrowed her brows.

“You and Fiona used to know each other??

Fiona has only been to Banyan City for a few days. Christian too. However, from the way he spoke, he did not look like he just knew Fiona.

“We used to know each other. We were from the same school.“

Christian waved his hands.

“Back then, she used to pursue me when she saw that I was rich. However, I don’t like her, the pretentious type of woman that likes to fake her illness, so I ignored her.

“I never would have thought that she would even become my uncle’s girlfriend. Life sure is unpredictable.“

Luna narrowed her eyes.

She accurately picked up on the words ‘fake her illness’ from what Christian said. ”Does Fiona like to fake her illness always?”

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