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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 815

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 815

Luna furrowed her brows confusedly.

“How do you know that Joshua is in the hospital? “

If Fiona did not mention it a moment ago, no one in the company would know about the fact that Joshua is in the hospital.

Why would Nigel, who was at home recuperating, know about Joshua being admitted to the hospital?

“I was the one that told him.“

The moment Luna asked Nigel and before Nigel

could answer, a young man’s voice rang in her ears.

Luna furrowed her brows and subconsciously turned to look.

At that moment, Christian was in a flaming red suit. He elegantly crossed his arms leaning by the door. He was smiling and looking at Luna.

“Uncle Christian told me.“

Nigel’s crisp voice rang. “He said that since we are all his family, we should pay him a visit. Uncle Christian also said that he is willing to fetch us there.“

Looking at Christian entering, Luna could not help but ask, “Since when the two of you became so close?“

She was asking Nigel as well as Christian.

She remembered during dinner the night before, Nigel and Christian were not a compatible duo.

Facing Luna’s questions, Christian could not help but smile.

“The friendship between men comes quickly. Furthermore, Nigel and I are cousins. We would be close to each other.“

Then, Christian walked over to Luna and took her phone over. He smiled and said, “Don’t worry, leave it to me. I’ll handle your Mommy.“

Upon receiving Christian’s affirmation, Nigel let out a deep sigh and nodded. “Thank you, cousin.“

Then, Nigel obediently hung up.

Hearing the conversation between Christian and Nigel, Luna looked at Christian in shock.

“This is the first time I see Nigel getting along so quickly with a stranger.“

Christian laughed a little, “That’s because I’m charming.“

Actually, Christian did not know anything about Joshua’s sickness.

Nigel was the one that contacted him. He has long guessed that Luna would be suspicious as to why he would know Joshua was sick, so he contacted Christian earlier to place it all on Christian.

“I know that you’re not the one donating your bone marrow to me, but since my Mommy thinks that it’s you, I won’t expose you either.“

When Christian received Nigel’s call that afternoon, Christian could not help but shudder.

Although Christian was only six, his intelligence and calmness could be compared to Joshua’s!

Nigel slowly analyzed why Christian was not the donor, then he calmly suggested Christian help out with getting Luna to visit Joshua.

Christian was so stunned by what Nigel said he did not dare to open his mouth to say anything. He was afraid he might say something wrong. In the end, Christian agreed to everything and obeyed Nigel’s arrangement.

That was why Christian would appear there at that moment.

“So, Christian.“ Luna took a deep breath and looked at Christian seriously. “You hope that I will bring my kids and follow you to the hospital to visit Joshua?“

Only then did Christian come to his senses. He nodded seriously.

“Hmm. Joshua is my uncle. I also hope that he can invest in my new company.“

“Now that he is ill and unconscious, his investment is getting further away from me too. I want to bring you and the kids over to pay him a visit, to let him feel my sincerity…“

“Joshua is unconscious?“

Before Christian could finish his sentence, Luna interrupted him.

“How is that possible?“

Joshua was still fine the night before. He could even drive over to Blue Bay Villa in the middle of the night to find fault with her.

Why was he unconscious at that moment?

Seeing the confusion and worries in her eyes, Christian sighed.

“He is unconscious. I went to the hospital to confirm. Apparently, his stomach bled from drinking too much alcohol six years ago. He was very ill. This time, his illness relapsed. That’s why he is still unconscious.”

Christian said while observing Luna’s reactions. “Are you a little worried for him?”

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