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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 814

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 814

“Furthermore, what does it have to do with me when he wakes up?“

Jude spoke with emotion and reason, “Your Daddy is the president of the Lynch Group! As long as he is unconscious, the Lynch Group will be missing its leader. It will be a huge loss! “

Nigel said, “What does the Lynch Group’s loss have to do with me?“

Jude was speechless. Nigel’s stubborn ways were very similar to Luna’s.

He furrowed his brows. He could only use his final move.

“You’ll be undergoing your operation in less than a week. He has not even transferred the money to your Mommy. If he continues being unconscious, not

only will the Lynch Group be affected. Your sickness too! “

Nigel was silent for a while upon Jude’s words.

He was actually not worried for Joshua. He only thought about how Joshua upset his Mommy while also being ambiguous with another woman. It did not sit well with Nigel.

However, Jude was right too. His treatment cannot be delayed.

Luna has already lost Neil, she could not lose him too.

Therefore, Nigel took a deep breath.

“Okay, then. I will find time to convince my Mommy.“

Then, Nigel immediately hung up.

Hearing the disconnecting tone, Jude sighed heavily. Actually, Joshua was in a much worse condition than he described.

Six years ago, when Joshua thought that Luna died, he drank to his death.

In a mere short month, Joshua has lost a lot of weight. His health was declining.

No matter what ways he or Joshua’s family used, no one could help a man who is constantly on the verge of collapse.

Later on, Joshua had become very ill. He was on the brink of death many times. In the end, Aura kept muttering Luna Gibson’s name, then only Joshua gained consciousness once more.

At that moment, Joshua’s old illness relapsed, exactly like back then.

The doctor said that the previous method might not be useful for Joshua at that moment.

Jude could only put his hopes on Nigel, hoping that Nigel would be able to convince Luna to come over.

After clearing up the roses in her office, Luna did not spend too much time fussing about who sent her the roses.

She simply tidied up her office desk and started a new day of work.

What made her surprised was Fiona, who was the intern, was extremely quiet the entire day, other than the conflict she had with Luna that morning, when Luna was lecturing her staff.

Fiona was so quiet it frightened Luna.

After work, Luna was organizing her documents while looking at Fiona, who was outside her office working seriously.

Something was not right.

If Fiona did not look for Joshua that morning, that was because it was still early and Joshua was not in his office yet, so Fiona could not complain to Joshua.

That was because she knew that even if she called Joshua, he would not come over directly.

However, what about at that moment?

Fiona has been so quiet for the entire day. Did Joshua not come to work for the entire day as well?

It was impossible.

Joshua was a famous workaholic. Whether it was six years before or six years later. In his heart, work will also be more important than his personal life.

How could he not come to work?

At that moment, Charmaine, who kept hoping that Fiona would look after her, smiled at Fiona attentively.

“Fiona, after work are you going back home directly or will you be heading to the president’s office and wait for Mr. Lynch?“

Fiona smiled gently at Charmaine. “I’ll be going back myself. Joshua did not come to work today.“

“Then, would you want to go shopping with me, Ms. Blake?“

Charmaine smiled and continued fawning over Fiona.

“Ms. Blake, you’re amazing. Mr. Lynch has never taken a leave of absence for so many years. Once he was with you, he even knew how to take a rest. It must be all thanks to you! “

Fiona pursed her lips. She said gently, “He is not resting. He’s ill.“

Then, Fiona looked toward Luna’s office meaningfully.

Her gaze coincidentally met with Luna’s.

They looked at each other. Fiona sneered and retracted her gaze.

“I won’t tag along to the mall. I have to go take care of Joshua.“

Then, Fiona carried her bag, turned, and left. Looking at her leaving, Luna sneered.

Joshua was sick? He deserved it.

At that moment, Luna’s phone rang.

“Mommy.“ Nigel, on the other end of the line, took a deep breath. “I heard that Mr. Lynch has been admitted to the hospital. I want to visit him, can I?“

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