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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 812

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 812

Seeing how Nigel had not responded for a long time, Luna furrowed her brows and gently asked, “Is it someone I know?“

Nigel suddenly did not know how to tell Luna the truth.

He bit his lips and was silent for a while. In the end, he took a deep breath.

“Mommy. This person’s information is hidden too deeply. I have not reached that level. I couldn’t get anything out of it.“

Luna paused for a while, gripping her phone. Even Nigel could not find out? Who would it be?

Perhaps he could feel Luna’s shock, Nigel bit his lips. He knew that he would not be able to convince Luna with just a few simple sentences.

Thus, he sighed and pretended to say guiltily, “ Mommy, am I useless? I…I thought that I would be able to find out, but perhaps my level is not there yet. I can’t help you, Mommy. I ‘m really useless…“

Hearing how dejected Nigel sounded, Luna’s eyes widened.

“Nigel, how could you think that way? You’re only six. You’re already amazing. Don’t worry. Once you get better, we’ll slowly improve. Rest well, I won’t disturb you anymore.“

Luna was afraid that if she said anymore, she would make her son feel even more inferior, so she quickly hung up.

Nigel let out a long sigh of relief when he heard the disconnecting tone.

He knew that this was a good tactic.

Nigel narrowed his gaze and changed into a more comfortable position on the sofa. He looked at the series of familiar numbers on his computer screen.

What the hell was Joshua going for?

After looking at the screen for a long time, Nigel could not help but take his phone out.

He took a deep breath and dialed Joshua.

When he heard the beeping tone of the call, Nigel’s heart was about to seize up.

Although he has contacted Joshua before…

However, ever since he moved into Blue Bay Villa and ever since his Mommy said that Joshua would not pay for his and Nellie’s medical bills, Nigel felt that Joshua was extremely distant and far away from him, so far that he was untouchable.

Nigel even started to be afraid that once Joshua picked up the call and heard his voice, he would think that he was getting him to pay his medical bills and immediately hang up.

Just when Nigel was anxiously waiting, the call was picked up.

“Hello, Mr. Lynch. I’m Nigel Gibson. I…“ “Nigel?“

Before Nigel could finish his sentence, a strange man’s voice interrupted him.

“Why would you call Joshua’s number?“ Nigel’s eyes widened.

This voice and the tone… It did not belong to Joshua!

He was instantly alarmed. Technically speaking, a businessman like Joshua would not simply pass his phone to anyone else. That was because his phone had too much confidential information.

Nigel bit  his lips. His voice  was filled  with caution.

“Who are you? Why do you have Joshua’s  phone? “

The man on the other end of the line did not know whether to laugh or cry at Nigel’s serious and guarded reaction.

“Nigel, I’m not a bad person. I ‘m a good friend of your dad. Jude Smith. We have met before.“

Nigel furrowed his brows and thought for a while. His suspended heart finally dropped.

“You’re the pretty handsome but stupid-looking uncle?“

Jude was speechless.

Handsome but stupid-looking? What kind of description was that? “Where is Joshua?“

“He…“ Jude looked at Joshua on the bed, whose face was much paler than the color of the wall.

He could not help but sigh.

”He is…not doing well right now.”

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