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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 809

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 809

Luna’s hands, which were carrying Nigel, tensed up a little upon his words.

She sighed and sent him back to his bedroom.

“You two must be missing him too much. I miss him a lot too. I would often dream of him.“

Nigel, who was being placed in his bed by Luna, pursed his lips.

“But, Mommy. Nellie and I were not dreaming. We truly…“

“I know.“ Luna sighed.

She gently tucked him in. “Let’s do this. You and Nellie have to get better soon. Once you two are cured, I’ll take you both to search for Neil. How about that?“

Nigel bit his lips. He knew that Luna, with her adult- like thoughts, would think that her two children were talking nonsense.


He would not be able to convince Luna in such a short time. After all, things like telepathic connection have no logic nor proof to support it.

Nigel sighed and held onto Luna’s fingers seriously. “We will definitely find him.“

“Yes! “

Luna smiled and kissed Nigel on the forehead before turning around and returning to her bedroom. That night, Luna did not sleep well.

She flipped around in bed, constantly dreaming.

At one moment, she dreamt that Joshua was kneeling in front of her, explaining to her saying that he had always liked her.

Another moment was Neil angrily holding Luna’s hand asking why did she not bring Nigel and Nellie to look for him.

Luna was being tormented by these dreams. She got down from the bed a few times. In the end, she consumed a huge dose of melatonin before falling asleep around three or four in the morning.

The next day, she went to work on time.

Once she entered the office, there was a constant chatter of discussions in hushed tones around her.

Among the discussions, there were even voices of envy.

“I thought that she would still be deep in the grief of President Lynch being together with Ms. Blake. Who would have thought that she already found a new lover.“

“After all, she’s so gorgeous. Sometimes, I even feel that it’s President Lynch’s loss for not being together with her.“

“Sigh, beautiful women would be easily pursued by men. When would I have the chance at sweet, sweet love?“

Luna furrowed her brows tightly at the comments in the office.

From the way the staff was looking at her, she could deduce that they were secretly talking about her.

However, from what they were saying…

Since when has she had a new lover that she did not know about?

At that thought, Luna, who did not have a good night’s sleep, had a headache once more.

She rubbed her throbbing temples and swept an aloof glance at the group of people whispering to one another in front of her.

“I have been the director for quite some time already, right? Have I been too nice to all of you all this while causing you to have the misconception that I am a person who does not need respect?“

Luna’s tone was cold and stern. The moment she said that the entire office was in silence.

The staff looked at each other. They did not dare to say anything.

Luna let out a breath. She turned to look at Shannon, who was using the calculator seriously by the side.

“We will need to revise the rules and regulations of the design department.“

Then, she swept the entire office with an indifferent glance.

“This is not the market, nor a cafe for you to gossip. I don’t need colleagues who disrespect others nor a staff that does not respect their superiors in my office.

“If I find out that this happens again, I’ll immediately report it to Joshua. I’m sure many others would want to work in the Lynch Group’s design department. Am I right?“

The entire office was in pin-drop silence upon Luna’s words.

They could see that Luna was truly angry. Everyone lowered their heads. They did not dare let out a single sound. They were afraid that a single breath would infuriate Luna even more.

A condescending woman’s voice came from the corner.

“She’s also just working for others. What is she being so arrogant about? Even Ms. Blake is not as arrogant as her.“

The office was extremely quiet, so everyone in the office could hear her condescending remarks.

At that moment, everyone subconsciously turned to look in the direction in which the voice came from.

The person that spoke was no other than the lady that stood up for Fiona on her first day in the office when Fiona had a conflict with Luna.

At that moment, she was sitting next to Fiona. She had a disdainful expression while organizing her things.

“Charmaine, stop talking.“ Seeing how everyone was looking at them, Fiona immediately voiced out in a suppressed tone.

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