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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 807

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 807

The atmosphere in the car became even heavier upon Luna’s words.

Joshua grabbed the steering wheel and closed his eyes slowly.

“Luna, you keep saying I protect Fiona, but you dare say your staff is not wrong?“

“Mr. Lynch, if you were to truly investigate it, you will know whether are they in the wrong or not, but will you do it? Will you want to expose Ms. Blake’s tricks? You won’t.“

Luna took a deep breath.

“Joshua, you have always been like this. If you like a woman , you will let them do anything. Whether it be Aura, Alice, or Fiona. All of your women, besides me, every one of them could use the fact that they are your woman to bully others.

“Only I could not. When I was with you I was always walking on thin ice. I was worried that you would be in a bad mood. I was worried that your health would not be able to take it due to your excessive socializing.

“After splitting up with you, I would always think to myself in the middle of the night. What did I do wrong? Where did it go wrong that you would be so cold and heartless to me? Later on, I realized. It was not what I did wrong. It was that you never once liked me.“

Luna sniffled her nose.

“Joshua.“ All those years of suppressed suffering and grievances finally came pouring out.

She forced herself to not let her tears fall.

“Since you have never liked me before, stop harassing me already, please? Once Nigel and Nellie get well, I will obey the agreement we signed, I will bring the company’s earnings up to the number agreed on the contract. Once everything is done, I will leave with the children. By then, I will return Blue Bay Villa exactly like it was to you.

“But before that, I hope to never see you here. Stop being so indecisive, Joshua. I hope tonight’s incident won’t happen again. I am an open and honest single mother. I do not want to be caught red-handed

being together with my ex-husband by his current girlfriend.“

Then, Luna subconsciously wanted to open the door and get out of the car.

She still could not open the car door.

Even after she said so much, Joshua still did not unlock the car door.

Luna shut her eyes and chuckled bitterly. “What do I need to do for you to let me go?“

Joshua closed his eyes and held onto the steering wheel tightly.

He said in a low and hoarse voice, “I can do that, but you have to promise me one thing.“

Luna wiped away her uncontrollable tears. She tried her best to hide her emotions.

“What is it?“

“Christian Moore.“ Joshua took a deep breath. “You cannot be with Christian.“

This was the main reason he came that night.

He might not have any more chances being with Luna in this life, but she could be with Malcolm Quinn or anybody else, but not Christian.

“Don’t worry.“ Luna agreed without even asking him the reason.

“Our children are already six years old. I won’t be like you, being together with Ms. Blake who barely turned twenty-one.“

Joshua chuckled bitterly and unlocked the car door.

“I won’t be together with Christian. I also hope that you would keep your word, Mr. Lynch. Before I leave Banyan City, I hope you won’t come over here.“

Then, Luna opened the door and strode away.

Joshua sat in the driver’s seat, looking at Luna leaving until she entered the villa.

After a long while, Joshua sighed. He wanted to drive off when he noticed a drop of liquid on the back of his hand.

It seemed like tears, or perhaps something else. He closed his eyes and dialed Jude.

“Let’s drink.“

Jude, on the other end of the call, has known Joshua for many years. Just from those two words, he could understand what Joshua was feeling.

Jude sighed and said calmly, ”Where are you?” ”Blue Bay Villa.”

”You still went to look for her in the end.”

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