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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 805

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 805

“What’s going on with her?“

Before Joshua could finish his sentence, Luna coldly interrupted him.

She looked coldly at the man whom she once loved the most. The more she said, the more ironic she felt.

“I ‘ve said so much to you, yet you only care about me claiming that Fiona is faking her illness?“

Joshua shuddered a little. He suddenly could not continue what he was about to say.

Looking at how hesitant Joshua was, Luna felt ridiculous.

How could she possibly think that Joshua would listen to what she said? How could Joshua truly understand how aggrieved she felt when she was ignored by him in the market?

He never had her in his eyes. Not once.

Thus, it did not matter what she said about how pitiful and helpless she felt when she was almost beaten up at the market. Joshua would not listen.

He only heard Luna saying Fiona faked her illness.

If that was the case, what else was there to say between them?

She was truly asking for it. She had been hurt by him countless times, yet she still naively thought that Joshua would at least have some conscience.

Luna took a deep breath. She raised her gaze. Her eyes were reddened.

“I want to get out.

“Joshua Lynch, I want to get out! “

Luna yelled angrily without any care of her image while taking her phone out.

“If you don’t let me out, I’m going to call the cops! Not only will I call them, but I will also call your beloved Ms. Blake. I want her to see how her man is still here looking for me so late at night! I don’t believe you will be able to explain yourself! “

Then, Luna was already flipping through her contacts.

Joshua was stunned. No!

He could not let Luna call Fiona!

The operation was in a few days, nothing could afford to go wrong at this stage!

At that thought, Joshua did not even think. He immediately turned around from the driver’s seat and grabbed Luna’s hand roughly.


Luna’s phone hit the car window and bounced back onto the car seat. It dropped into the cracks between the seats.

The moment it fell, Luna and Joshua were both stunned.

Joshua did not expect the phone to fly away even when he did not use too much force.

Luna did not expect that just because she threatened him with a few words he would use force against her!

The atmosphere in the car instantly turned silent.

At that moment, a gentle woman’s voice came from the phone which fell in between the cracks of the seat.

“It’s Ms. Luna, right?“ Luna was stunned.

She did not want to really call Fiona. She flipped through her contacts only to scare Joshua a little to get him to let her out of the car.

However, she did not expect that Joshua would have such a huge reaction. She also did not expect that the moment he snatched her phone away, it would dial out.

Coincidentally, it dialed Fiona Blake, because Luna’s contacts were organized by last names alphabetically.

“Ms. Luna?“

When she did not receive a response, Fiona laughed gently, “Did Joshua look for you?“

Both of their breaths were stifled in the car upon Fiona’s words.

Luna pursed her lips. She glanced at Joshua, whose expressions were darkened, coldly. “No. Ms. Blake. I’m so sorry to disturb you so late. I accidentally dialed wrongly. My phone is wonky. Why don’t you hang up first.”

Upon Luna’s words, Fiona laughed understandingly, “Ms. Luna, if Joshua were to look for you and say or do inappropriate things, don’t blame him.

“He is indeed feeling guilty for you. If it weren’t for my illness suddenly flaring up at the seafood market this afternoon, he would have definitely rushed over and rescued you.

“After all, you two were once husband and wife. Both of you even had a few children together. He would not have just watched you get beaten up. Today’s incident was all my fault…”

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