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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 801

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 801

Hearing how Mrs. Collins’ voice was getting further, Luna hurriedly changed her clothes, opened the door, and chased after her in the direction of her voice.

However, she could not even see her shadow.

Luna bit her lips. She wanted to continue searching for her when Christian’s voice rang out from behind.

“What are you searching for?“

Luna pursed her lips. She looked in the direction in which Mrs. Collins left once again. Once she made sure that she could no longer see her, Luna sighed heavily and said, “Nothing.“

When Luna brought Christian back to Blue Bay Villa, her two kids were still sitting on the sofa waiting for her as usual.

Seeing how she brought a stranger back, Nigel furrowed his brows. He looked at Christian with a little hostility.

“Mommy, this is…?“

Luna calmly introduced while placing the nutritious foods on the table together with Christian.

“This is my new friend, Mr. Christian Moore. You can call him Uncle Christian.“

Christian almost spat his water out when he heard Luna referring to him as Uncle Christian.

Then, he looked at Luna and tried his best to explain.

“I’m Joshua’s cousin once removed, in other words, his nephew. I ‘m the same generation as you all. You can just call me Christian.“

Luna paused for a while before nodding. “You’re right.“

He almost forgot that Joshua was Christian’s uncle.

Luna corrected what she said a moment ago. “Call him Christian.“

“How about Cousin Christian?“

Nellie furrowed her brows and tentatively spoke,

who had not been talking all this while by the side. Christian instantly laughed.

He bent down and wanted to pick Nellie up. “How thoughtful of you! “

Before Christian could touch Nellie’s arm, Nigel furrowed his brows and reached his tiny hands out, putting them in between Christian and Nellie.

“You’re a man. You cannot touch the opposite s*x. Nellie’s a girl. If you want to carry, you can carry me.“

Christian was speechless.

Nigel was so young, yet he understood the concept of opposite sexes keeping a distance?

Christian smiled. He stood up and opened the takeaway boxes together with Luna.

He chuckled gently and praised, “Your children are smart and understanding!“

“What are you doing here?“

Christian barely said a few sentences when Nigel approached them, pulled a chair, and jumped on it. He crossed his arms around his chest, leaning back on the chair, and sized Christian up in scrutiny.

“Mr. Lynch and we are already strangers. As his relative, why are you here?“

Christian furrowed his brows. Nigel was clearly hostile toward him.

“I invited him here.“

Before Christian could answer Nigel, Luna calmly interrupted Nigel.

“I met him in the hospital. He said that he wanted to open a jewelry company, so I got him to bring his proposal over. I can help give him some suggestions.“

Nigel nodded. He turned around and glanced at Christian. “Where is your proposal?“

“I forgot to bring them.“

Christian scratched his head rather embarrassingly. “ Why don’t I come back again tomorrow?“

Then, Christian was about to leave. Nigel rolled his eyes at him.

“You bought all this food, right? You paid with your money?“ Christian nodded.

“Then, stay and have some food. We can’t possibly make you spend the money but not let you eat.“

Nigel looked at Christian with his guard up. “But you have to leave immediately after the meal.”

Christian did not know whether to laugh or cry at the mini version of Joshua. He was the adult there, yet in front of Nigel, their roles seemed to have been reversed.

The three of them were chatting by the dining hall. On the other side, Nellie was sitting on the sofa and picked up Luna’s phone out of boredom.

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