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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 797

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 797

Joshua was a famous public figure in Banyan City.

Upon Yvonne’s words, the surrounding crowd started looking for Joshua and had dispersed by quite a bit.

Luna was pinned on the ground. The moment she lifted her head, she saw Fiona clutching at her chest where her heart was while tugging on Joshua’s arm outside the crowd.

Her body was pressed onto the cold, hard floor. She saw how Joshua initially wanted to come over but stopped because of what Fiona said.

Luna closed her eyes. Her heart sank to the bottom.

Joshua must have seen what was happening, and that was why he came over. However, just because of something Fiona said, he turned around.

Was this the man who loved her deeply for so many years?

He knew she was about to be beaten up. He also knew she could not go up against Yvonne and her husband.

Alas, he abandoned all of his worries for her and turned around again, just because of something Fiona said.

Yvonne’s fat husband’s slap was about to land on her. Luna shut her eyes and stopped struggling.

It was only because her children were mocked. It was only getting beaten up.

How could she compare to a few coughs and words from Fiona?

She was nothing. In Joshua’s heart, she was nothing. Luna should have known this earlier.

Luna was foolish. She still had ignorant expectations for Joshua.

Even with her eyes closed for quite a while, however, she still had not felt the slap.

The expected pain did not come. What came was a thud, the sound of a heavy object landing.

Then, the fat man’s wailing.

Luna shuddered a little and subconsciously opened her eyes.

From her point of view, she saw a young man’s long legs. That man was in an azure-colored suit. He was tall and skinny yet filled with rowdy energy.

Christian Moore coldly dragged Yvonne’s husband to the side and kicked his stomach violently.

“What use is bullying a woman? I dare you to come at me! “

He subconsciously looked at Joshua and gave him a look.

In the evening, Christian wanted to try his luck to look for Joshua at the office when he bumped into Joshua and Fiona, heading for the seafood market to do groceries.

The day before, when Christian was on the phone with his mother, his mother told him to pay attention to what Joshua liked to eat. Thus, he followed them over. He wanted to see what Joshua and Fiona’s buying habits were. From there, he could deduce what Joshua liked to eat.

He never thought he would bump into the scene of Luna being bullied.

He had been hiding in the corner, not doing anything. He was also paying attention to Luna’s safety, but more importantly, he wanted to see Joshua’s reaction.

Christian saw that Joshua was about to help Luna when he was hassled by Fiona once again. That was why Christian jumped forward to help out.

It was also because Joshua saw Christian rushing into the crowd. That was why he turned around to check up on Fiona’s situation without any worries.

Christian was clearly trying to ask for credit. Joshua slightly narrowed his eyes and nodded at Christian before turning around to care for Fiona in his arms.

After getting Joshua’s approval, Christian delightedly kicked harshly at Yvonne’s husband a few more times. Then, he turned, bent down, and worriedly looked at Luna, who was on the ground.

“Are you alright?“

Luna shook her head. “I’m fine.“

She forced herself to get up, but she had used up too much of her energy a moment ago. At that moment, her entire body felt like jelly, and she could not even sit up.

Christian sighed. “You call this ‘fine’?”

He rolled his eyes and picked Luna up.

With her legs weak, Luna could not stand on her own. She could only lean onto Christian to maintain her balance.

Christian sighed. He looked at Fiona, who was in Joshua’s arms being cared for, past the crowd. He then shifted his gaze to Luna who was still determined to stand up on her own, trying hard to not rely too much on him.

Christian did not know why, but he was a little heartbroken.

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