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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 787

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 787

Luna squinted slightly as she looked at Fiona, who was sitting on the sofa in the distance with a rosy complexion.

The day before, Joshua brought Fiona to the hospital. He said that Arianna burned Fiona, so they had to check up on her.

What was it this time?

Fiona was the one who deliberately put powdered vitamins in her cup just hours ago to cause a misunderstanding intentionally.

Moreover, even if everyone mistook Fiona, no one took action on her. No one even touched her.

Joshua was still taking her to the hospital, just because of that?

How precious was Fiona to him? Just because she was agitated and was so-called misunderstood by others, she had to go to the hospital?

At that thought, the wound on Luna’s arm, previously cut open by the painting equipment, started to hurt inexplicably.

She seemed to have forgotten to dress her wound after getting hurt.

Luna clutched the painful part of her arm and said nothing, but Joshua saw her every move.

He narrowed his eyes, then he turned to look at Fiona. “Fiona.“

Fiona obediently put the cup down, smiled, and stood up. “Mmh. Do what you need to do, Joshua. I’ll head to the hospital myself.“

Fiona, who was in a long white linen dress, stopped in her tracks when she got to Luna’s side.

Fiona knew Luna put her hand on her arm because her wound was hurting, but she still reached out and tightly grabbed the back of Luna’s hand that nursed her wound.

“Ms. Luna, I apologize once again for the things I’ve done. I won’t make you angry in the future. Please don’t make things difficult for me.“

When Fiona said this, she squeezed the back of Luna’s hand tightly, pressing onto the wound.

Luna was in so much pain that she perspired cold sweat.

She gritted her teeth, raised her eyes, and glared at Fiona angrily. “Ms. Blake, do you think I ‘m making things difficult for you by pointing out the mistakes you’ve made according to the company’s rules and regulations?“

Fiona smiled and gracefully let go. A hint of smugness flashed across her eyes. “I’ve already said that I ‘m wrong in the things I’ve done. Why should you keep bringing them up, Ms. Luna?“

Then, Fiona turned to look at Joshua.

“Joshua, you have to talk properly with Ms. Luna. Don’t treat her badly just because she’s been making things difficult for me. She’s just upright, direct, and righteous—that was why she pointed out my mistakes. She’s only thinking about the company. Don’t find faults with her, “ said Fiona before she turned and left.

Luna stood still as she watched Fiona leave, gnawing on her lip as she did.

On the surface, Fiona was kind-hearted and understanding, but every word she said was strangely worth scrutinizing over. It was infuriating.

After Fiona left, Lucas, able to read the room, understandingly placed down the documents and left.

When he left, he even thoughtfully closed the door.

Once the door was closed, it was only Luna and Joshua left in the office.

Joshua looked at Luna’s arm. Blood had seeped through her clothes and dyed her white chiffon shirt red.

He sighed, turned around, and picked up the first aid kit on the shelf.

“Sit down.“

Luna looked at the things in Joshua’s hands before subconsciously looking at her own arm.

This was Joshua’s fault when he slammed into her, the painting equipment to cut her skin.

The wound was not huge, nor was it deep. Although it had hurt, it was not too serious.

However, Fiona had exerted a little too much force when she squeezed her hand, causing Luna’s fingers to dig into the wound.

Thus, more blood flowed out, and it got even more painful.

Still, Luna did not want to accept Joshua’s charity.

She smiled and looked at Joshua’s face aloofly. “Why the pretense, Mr. Lynch? You caused this wound.

Why are you pretending to be kind and concerned now?“

Joshua furrowed his brows. “I didn’t mean to do it.“

He lowered his head and opened the first aid kit. He said, “It was an emergency just now. I was anxious to check up on Fiona, so I accidentally bumped into you.“

An emergency?

Luna laughed.

If she remembered correctly, when Joshua reached the design department, other than Fiona crying, no one was targeting her.

Was this situation considered an emergency, so much so that Joshua did not even see her, a living person, standing there?

Finding it hilarious, Luna giggled mockingly and stared at Joshua.

“Mr. Lynch, if Ms. Blake is so precious to you, you should’ve placed her in a glass cabinet and had men carry her every time you went out. That way, no one could knock her or touch her. It’s highly effective and safe.“

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