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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 782

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 782

How would they know that Fiona would intrude Luna’s office early in the morning because she wanted to put vitamins into Luna’s cup of water?

“I —It’s… It’s because yesterday was the first day of work, and I already had such an unhappy incident with Ms. Luna.“

At that moment, Fiona—who was so aggrieved a moment ago she could barely speak—finally said something.

Her voice still sounded so feeble, and it sounded shaky as well as she added, “I’d wake up with headaches if I don’t drink anything to sober myself up after having alcohol. I thought that since we’re all ladies, Ms. Luna should be the same, too.

“Last night, after some alcohol, Joshua boiled some soup to sober me up, but perhaps no one will care for Ms. Luna the same way.“

Fiona bit her lips, and her voice was so tender that it might crack at any moment. “That’s when I thought of secretly doing something for Ms. Luna, to give her some vitamins so that she won’t be too disgruntled Luna could not help but squinted her eyes at Fiona’s words.

It might seem as though Fiona was explaining the reason why she put vitamins in Luna’s cup, but the truth was…

She was trying to show off that Joshua made her soup and cared for her. She also implied that Luna was pitiful because no one took care of her. She was creating an image of being kind-hearted and concerned for other people.

Perhaps, the others might only hear that Fiona was showing off the fact that Joshua made soup for her. To Luna, there was another layer of meaning behind it.

Last night, Fiona sent Luna the video of Joshua serving her soup, and she even emphasized it once again.

It was clearly another way of trying to show her power and provoke Luna.

Luna smiled.

“Thank you for caring for me so much, Ms. Blake. Although I did have some alcohol last night, I still have people to look after me. My kids care for me, and I have a chef with many years of experience to make some soup for me, too. It tastes great.“

Then, Luna raised her eyebrows at Joshua. “Mr. Lynch, you even know how to make soup?“

Joshua’s expression darkened upon Luna’s words. “Of course, I know how to.“

“I guess it doesn’t taste that great even if you made it, right?“ Luna’s voice and gaze were filled with mockery. “I have experienced Mr. Lynch’s cooking skills before, too.“

Luna then turned to look at Fiona sympathetically. “I hear that your body isn’t in a great condition. Poor thing—you have to drink Mr. Lynch’s handmade soup.“

Fiona bit her lips. A hint of resentment flashed across her eyes, but she still smiled and looked at Luna.

“It’s fine. Although the taste wasn’t that great, I’m still touched by Joshua’s gesture and concern for me.“

Luna sneered. “Mr. Lynch and Ms. Blake, your relationship moved me to tears.“

Joshua furrowed his brows fiercely at Luna’s strange tone.

Perhaps she could sense the resentment in the way Joshua’s brows were knitted tightly, Fiona bit her lip.

She sounded frail and aggrieved in the way she spoke, “Ms. Luna, do you think that I’m intentionally telling you all this? I’m not trying to show off my relationship with Joshua. Don’t think of it that way.

“I… I only wanted to explain to you why I put vitamins in your water. I…really don’t have any ill intentions, “ muttered Fiona while tears started to stream down her face once again.

“I’m only concerned for you, but I know that you hate me, so I secretly did it, not wanting to let you know. Who would’ve thought that all of you think this of me…“

Fiona wiped her tears. She looked at Joshua and croaked, “Joshua, am I that repulsive?“

Joshua furrowed his brows as he walked over and hugged Fiona in his arms. Then, he glared at Luna and the people behind her coldly.

His tone was ice-cold as he warned, ”Luna, Fiona was just being kind, yet you and your staff accused her of trying to poison you. Shouldn’t you all apologize to her?”

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