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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2545

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2545

Gwen‘s surgery was at 10 in the morning. Thus, Luna brought Bonnie along to her ward early in the morning. Blame it on her illness or heartbreak. Whichever it was, Gwen did not rest well for the entire night and looked worn out. 

The moment Luna entered and saw her in that state, she anxiously rushed over and held her hand. “Gwen, a–are you alright?” 

She knew that Gwen was having a huge surgery, and an organ transplant surgery at that. 

The night before, Luke had already left Merchant City. The person who was donating organs to Gwen had already arrived. Joshua and Jim were overseeing the other side of the surgery, while Luna and Bonnie were keeping watch on Gwen and her surgery. “I‘m alright.” Gwen smiled feebly at Luna. “The doctor said that after the surgery today, I‘ll slowly get better. I won‘t feel so terrible in the future.” Then, she turned to look at Bonnie. “Are you alright?” 

“I‘m doing quite well.” Bonnie, in the wheelchair, smiled a little at Gwen. “Have a good surgery. After the surgery, we‘ll recuperate together.” Bonnie had been bedridden for many days, and coupled with the injury on her legs, she could not walk at that moment. “Mhm.” Gwen nodded at Bonnie. “You‘ll get better much quicker than me.” 

“Hard to say.” 

Bonnie smiled and scanned the surroundings. “Right. Did Kate not come to be with you?” 

Bonnie did not really know Kate. Kate was the one who took the initiative to look for her in her ward the day before, and it was then she got to know her. However, from what Kate told her the day before, Bonnie could hear how close she was to Gwen and how much she cared for Gwen. Gwen was to undergo an important surgery. Why was Kate not here with her? Even if the surgery experts were sent by Kate‘s family, she would not be able to help them much anyhow. Hearing Bonnie mention Kate, Gwen could not help but lower her head and sigh.” 

Maybe she might be angry because we suspected her. From yesterday, when my sickness flared up, until now…” Gwen had a pitiful gaze. “Kate has never once visited me.” That made Bonnie furrow her brow tightly. “Not once did she visit you?” Kate kept saying how much she liked BfXc\,}I cared for Gwen. Could it all be fake? 

“Forget about it. Don‘t mention her anymore.” Luna pursed her lips and changed the topic. She long knew that Kate was not a good person. She kept saying how much she cared for and liked Gwen. 

It was all fake! 

“Yes, let‘s not mention her anymore.” Gwen smiled and nodded, not wanting to talk about her at the moment. 

Although she had prepared herself, at the thought of how she was no longer in Luke‘s world yet it was filled with Kate, she felt a bitter tang in her mouth. 

“Mrs. Larson, we have to get ready for the surgery.” At that moment, there was a knock on the door. A doctor in a white coat entered.” I‘m going to take you to the surgery room now.” “Mhm.” Gwen nodded. She lowered her gaze and looked at the phone by her pillow. 

It had been more than eight hours. Luke has left Merchant City for more than eight hours already. He knew that she was undergoing surgery that day. He knew that she was afraid of surgeries, but even hours after, he did not even call her or send her a single message. It seemed that he…truly did not care for her. 

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