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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2542

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2542

Upon hearing Luke‘s words, the light in Gwen‘s eyes vanished. She bit her lip and looked at Luke hesitantly. “You… Must you go today? Can‘t you get your men to 

“No,” Luke coldly interrupted her once more. He sounded so aloof that it did not seem like him. “It‘s only a surgery. You‘ve gone through many surgeries in the past year. Be good.” 

Upon hearing his words, Gwen subconsciously looked up at him. 

Something was wrong with Luke, and she could feel it. He was hiding something. 

Luke never talked to her like that before. Any given time she expressed her fear about a coming surgery, even if he could not be with him, he would patiently hug her and reassure her. 

Despite his possessive nature toward her, he always tried ways to make her stay by his side. In the past year, he treated her quite gently. His sudden change in character baffled her. “Did…something serious happen in Sea City?” 

Gwen, who did not even know about her condition at that moment, did not know the struggle Luke was battling on his own. She even did not know Luke‘s plan. All she thought was that the gang in Sea City must have been in serious trouble; so much trouble that Luke had no time to be with her. 

Gwen‘s worried gaze made Luke‘s heart sink. 

He took a deep breath and fed her some oatmeal porridge. 

“It‘s very serious, so…” Luke did not dare to look at her. “You take care. I…might be going for a long time this time.” 

Gwen paused for a while before nodding seriously after a while. 


Was this possibly God giving her another chance? Initially, she planned to recuperate and, once she had the chance, would disappear from Luke‘s life. 

At that moment, she was about to undergo a huge surgery, and with how the doctor told her a lot of words she did not understand, she was clueless and had no strong grasp of what surgery she was undergoing the next day. 

However, she knew that the doctor guaranteed that after the surgery the next 

day, all she needed to do was rest for a week, and her body would be much better. At that thought, she swallowed her mouthful of oatmeal porridge. After eating with much difficulty, she looked up at Luke‘s face. “Well… You take care, then.” She sniffled, trying to gain control over her voice from sounding choked up. “You have to take care of yourself. Don‘t smoke too much. Eat on time, CcRb%{I rest well. Don‘t push yourself too hard. If you can‘t get your things back, it‘s fine. “Whenever you need help, always remember to ask for help! Joshua, Jim, and even Jude in Banyan City, they‘ll all help you…” muttered Gwen, looking away and not daring to look at Luke. “Don‘t worry about me. I‘ll be fine.” 

Luke was rooted on the spot, looking at Gwen‘s teary eyes and slim side profile. 

He felt overwhelmed. 

He knew why she said those words. This silly girl thought of secretly leaving while he was not by her side. Did she really think that as long as she left, his life would turn for the better? 

In fact, it would not. 

Without her, his life was equally dark. Even if he became the gang leader of Sea City and Merchant City, what use was there? 

No one truly understood him. No one could enter his heart. Gwen, on the other hand… 

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