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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2540

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2540

Silence fell within the car. Jim‘s eyebrows furrowed as he looked at Kate from the rearview mirror, his gaze whirling with doubt. “You… You stayed for over a year with Luke because of that?” This was out of his expectation. What a coincidence this whole thing was! However, after thinking deeply about it, it made sense. More than a year ago, Luke did seek help from the Miller family because of Gwen‘s illness. He needed help from the Miller family‘s medical organization. 

Before that, the Miller family and Luke had never been in contact. Luke was a gang leader of Merchant City and Sea City, and the Miller family was a large family dominating Europa. There was no benefit involved in their relationship at 


If Luke did not promise the Miller family something, why would the family help him? The Miller family even entrusted Kate to Luke and sent out the most powerful specialist team to do the surgery for Luke and Gwen. 

This was what Joshua and Jim could not understand, but with Kate‘s confession, the dots were connected. Indeed, Luke could not give the Miller family the thing they want through wealth or power. However… Luke‘s body was his token. 

Therefore, the reason why Kate had stayed with Luke was valid, as well as the reason why Kate wanted Luke and Gwen to do the surgery as soon as possible. 

“What else did you think was the reason?” Kate raised her head plainly and looked at Jim‘s face from the rearview mirror. She nonchalantly added, “I stayed with him to remind him to take care of his body. My fiance can‘t possibly receive damaged organs.” She curled up her lips and sneered, “Heh. Did you think I stayed because I like him?” 

Kate made herself comfortable as she leaned back on the car seat lazily. “Am I that crazy to like someone who‘s about to die?” Jim furrowed his brow. Maybe Kate would think what she said sounded very reasonable and calm, but from Jim‘s perspective, it sounded awfully sarcastic. 

This woman…said she was not crazy, but all the things she did was to get close to Luke deliberately. When she said she did not like Luke, Jim did not believe it. 

She probably said that because Luke was about to die. Internalizing this, Jim felt like Kate was a liar. 

He did not want to say anything further, though. His purpose was to make Kate sign the agreement today. Since Kate had signed it, there was no reason for Jim to continue talking to her. Even if they were at odds, it would have to wait until Luke GcSf]+}J Gwen finished their surgery. 

“Is that all?” Since Jim said nothing more, Kate raised an eyebrow and looked at him. “Can I go now?” Jim shut his eyes and ignored her. 

Looking at how Jim refused to communicate with her, Kate shrugged and opened the door to get out of the car. Before she left, she could not help but look at Jim again. “I heard you and Joshua went to capture someone. Did you find out who had hurt Bonnie?” 

Since Kate asked about this, Jim curled up his lips into a stern smile. “We did.” 

He gazed at Kate meaningfully. “Of course, I‘ll let the person off the hook for now. We just need some more time.” 

Jim‘s frigid gaze nearly made Kate‘s heart skip a beat. Although she was not close to Jim, it was the first time she saw such a terrifying look from him. 

That look…seemed to be telling her if she said one more word, he would tear her into pieces. 

The hatred in his eyes made Kate‘s heart lurch painfully. At that moment, she had a hunch that she was watched carefully, unable to walk away from prying eyes. 

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