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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2535

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2535

All Luna knew was that Yannie must have paid a bigprice to persuade Thomas in revoking the news and discussion online.

If Joshua continued with his plan to stir up the internet and let the rumor brew, it would tarnish Yannie’s reputation.In addition, Yannie would think Thomas was the one behind it and thought her sacrifice was useless. She would be hurt! “In that case, tell Yannie that I’m the one behind it.” Joshua shifted into a more comfortable position and added, as though able to read Luna’s mind. “I believe she’ll understand it.” Luna sighed. “I don’t think telling Yannie that will solve the problem. She tried her best to prove you’re innocent, but you continue to make it worse online. What do you think she’ll feel?” Regardless of what it was, Luna did not think it was appropriate. However, Joshua disagreed with her. “I know you’re worried about Yannie, Luna, but…” He looked up and gazed at Luna with his deep, dark eyes. “This is the best thing to do for the moment. Don’t you get it? The person who’s hiding in the dark lets Malcolm harm Bonnie, then gave the information to Thomas so Thomas would leak the video. “This individual wants to cause trouble for us, and no matter what kind of trouble it is, all that matters is that we’re scrambling under the heat. If I did what you said, and that is to retract all of the discussion on the internet and clear the rumors about me and Yannie… Don’t you think the person will look for another way to trouble us again? It was Bonnie then, and me now. What if the person targets our children, your parents, and our relatives and friends? What if the person targets Gwen?”, Luna broke into cold sweats immediately. She never thought that deeply into it. Heck, she only thought of sparing Yannie from disappointment. It was rare that she adored a girl so much that she could not bear to see the girl get hurt. Yannie had experienced more than enough. However… When faced with Joshua’s questions, she realized she was too naive, that she had been thinking solely about Yannie. It never crossed her mind that the person would target other people around her. Her three children, Riley, DavhA (}K Gwen… Her heart started to hurt when she thought of Gwen’s illness. She looked at Joshua with a serious look.. As usual, Joshua was a thoughtful thinker, so forbearant and arrogant. He would rather be harassed online, misunderstood, and even hire people to insult him than have the bad people target the people around him. Joshua was still Joshua, and he never changed. “They might have to move forward with Gwen’s surgery.” Joshua closed his eyes and sighed. “I need to go to talk to Luke tonight. We can’t drag it anymore.” Luna nodded and said, “Alright, then. Ask Luke to prepare everything.” 1 Joshua smiled bitterly and nodded. Luna had no idea whatsoever. The preparation Luke meant was…actually counting down the days before he died.

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