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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2533

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2533

Everything Yannie did that was related to Thomas over this year was…not solely because of the baby.

All of a sudden…

“Sir!” rang the voice of Thomas’ assistant as he walked up the stairs.

The sight that greeted him stunned him to thecore, and whatever he wanted to say got stuck in his throat. The assistant’s voice instantly pulled Yannie away from the moment, and she quickly pushed away Thomas, who was kissing her collarbone, with all of her strength. Then, she pulled her collar to cover her collarbone and ran downstairs while blushing Thomas, who had enjoyed his treat, looked to the side. He wiped his lips and smiled with his eyes as he watched how Yannie basically scampered away. His assistant was scared when he saw how Thomas looked. “S-Sir, did I come at the wrong time?” “It’s alright.” Thomas regained his senses and looked at his assistant with a faint smile. “What’s the matter?” The assistant lowered his head and said, “I’ve sent Ms. Fann to the hospital, and there are bruises on her body. She requested me to ask you what she should do…” Then, he raised his head and carefully monitored Thomas’ reaction. “Ms. Fann said…the penalty fee is more than one million and five hundred thousand, and we can’t afford to offend that company, so…maybe you’ll have to help her cover for the shower gel shooting so she could avoid being penalized and continue to work in the industry. She’s one of the celebrities in your company, and if she’s banned by the industry, you’ll also face some losses….” Thomas could not help but raise an eyebrow at what he was hearing. He knew Wendy did this on purpose. She manipulated the situation to remind him that they were in the same boat. In the meantime, she was also venting out her dissatisfaction against Thomas because of what happened previously. Frankly speaking, he could just ignore Wendy’s threat and reminder. It was not like he could not afford the penalty fee, and he would only suffer a minor loss when she was banned by the industry. However… Thomas’ gaze shifted away as he looked at the evidently rattled woman sitting on the sofa, aggressively wiping her lips with a tissue. All the while, she would occasionally throw him a stare from the corner of her eyes. What a silly girl. After being harassed, she was still willing to stay so she could get an explanation from him. Was Joshua’s innocence more important to her? Even more important than being harassed? 1 “Sir?” the assistant called out to him carefully, biting his lip when he noticed Thomas looking at Yannie in a daze. Only then did Thomas look at his assistant. “Tell Wendy I’ll take over the shower gel shooting. I’ll pick a female counterpart to do the shooting with me. Tell her to rest well.” After that, he headed downstairs. Yannie, hearing the sound of footsteps, quickly composed herself on the sofa. After a while, she took a deep breath EeQfA+{M stood up to face Thomas fearlessly. “I’m going to tell you one more time: Nothing improper is happening between me and Mr. Lynch. I hope you’ll delete all of the information you leaked as soon as possible. Mr. Lynch and Ms. Luna are deeply in love, and I don’t want other people to misunderstand them because of someone unimportant like me. I—” “Okay.” Thomas glanced at Yannie and smiled. “I promise you.” Yannie’s eyes widened. Why was Thomas so… nice all of a sudden? Thomas looked at her with a smile. ‘Til agree with all of what you said…but on one condition.”

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