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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2531

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2531

Wendy turned around inimically after saying that. With help from the assistant, she limped her way out of the mansion, leaving Yannie rooted on the spot. She squeezed her brow tightly together as she watched the assistant and Wendy leave the mansion. 

Frankly speaking, she should have not waited to mock Wendy, especially when Wendy tried to frame her and got reprimanded by Thomas. As the victim of the case, it was normal for her to demolish Wendy when she so obviously lost. 

However, for some reason, when she saw how Thomas reprimanded Wendy harshly, she felt pity for her. Obviously, Thomas did not care about Wendy as much as she thought he did, yet she still acted like she was Thomas‘ partner and wanted to help Thomas get rid of Yannie while she was under the impression that Yannie admired Thomas. 

Wendy had been friends with Thomas since three or four years ago, and this was the treatment she had received from him. The more Yannie thought of this, the more she pitied Wendy and loathed that jerk–of–a–man named Thomas. 

Yannie wondered why she was foolish in the past and why she was willing to deliver a baby for this jerk. Luckily, nothing strung her to Thomas at present. Otherwise, she could end up with a fate much more terrible than Wendy‘s–much, much more terrible! 

“They‘re gone. Why are you still staring into space?” The alluring, husky male voice pulled Yannie‘s wandering mind back to reality. She looked up and saw Thomas‘ handsome face right in front of her face.1 

The distance between their faces was less than an inch, so the refreshing sandalwood scent from Thomas‘ body was easily detected. His warm breath fanned Yannie‘s face. 

At that moment, Yannie stopped breathing. 

“Hello?” Looking at Yannie‘s shocking and dumbfounded eyes, Thomas laughed huskily. “I thought you hated me? Why do you daze out looking at me?” 

Yannie finally remembered to breathe, and her heart started beating again when she heard Thomas‘ question. She quickly took a step back to draw a distance from this despicable man. Thomas chuckled again when he saw how Yannie‘s cheeks became pinkish amid her panic. “Spit it. Why did you come looking for me? Or was it because you want to see what‘s going on between me BgRa!|L Wendy?” 

Yannie took a deep breath to recollect her emotions and stabilize her breathing. Finally, she looked up at him. “Are you serious that you don‘t know why I came to look for you? You‘re the one who leaked the rumor about me and Joshua on the internet, aren‘t you? Weren‘t you the one who sent the paparazzi to take the photo and video at 

Joshua‘s house?” 

Thomas crossed his arms and placed them in front of his chest. He leaned on the wall elegantly and looked at Yannie relaxingly. “Yes, I was the one who leaked the rumor. but I didn‘t send anyone to take the photo and video.” He lifted his brow and glanced at Yannie. “There‘s no reason for me to send someone to follow a village girl.” 

Yannie bit her lip. “If you weren‘t the one who sent those things to the paparazzi, who else could it have been?” Nigel said that Thomas was the one who leaked the rumor. Thus, it should be him since he had the photo and video. 

“Are you going to tell me someone else took them and gave the photo and video to you

Did such kind–hearted people exist? “Yes, you‘re right.” Thomas tilted his head and looked at Yannie like he was checking her out. “When did you become so smart? Did you guess that on your own, or did Joshua guess it?” 

Yannie stared at him. “Of course it was me! Even if Mr. Lynch guessed it, he won‘t tell me!” 

Thomas smiled. “Why won‘t he? Aren‘t you Joshua‘s lover?” 

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