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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2521

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2521

All of them had perfect reasons to suspect Kate. After all, Bonnie had known Joshua and Jim for a long time, and never once had their suspicions been proven wrong. Therefore, when Kate sobbed to her about being wrongfully blamed for attempted murder, there was nothing Bonnie could do except console her. 

She could not find it in herself to believe Kate, nor could she forgive her. At the thought of this, Bonnie rubbed her brows in frustration and said, “Ms. Miller, I just woke up from a coma, and I‘m still very tired now. I‘m sure that a beautiful girl like you will surely have an equally kind and pure heart, so I‘m certain you‘ll find a way to prove yourself innocent. “I‘m sorry but… I‘m too exhausted now.” Kate‘s eyebrows furrowed at this, and a glimmer of malice flashed through her eyes when she sensed Bonnie‘s refusal to get involved in this. 

She had been here for about half an hour, and apart from thanking her, Bonnie had not offered her anything useful at all, much less helped her. 

What was she going to do? 

What she needed the most during this time was someone she could rely on to defend her, and if Bonnie refused to do so…who would she go to? 

“Bonnie!” All of a sudden, the door was flung open. 

Luna stormed into the room and said in a hoarse voice, “Gwen…” 

Before she could even finish her sentence, she caught sight of Kate sitting next to Bonnie‘s bed and swallowed the rest of her words. 

She stared at Kate with a hostile scowl. “What are you doing here, Ms. Miller?” 

A cold look flashed across Kate‘s face momentarily, but a split second later, she lifted her head to simper at Luna. “I…” 

She lowered her head pitifully. “I just came to check on Ms. Craig. Even though… Even though all of you think that I was the one who put her into this state, I‘m not guilty of that at all. On the contrary, I‘m happy that I was able to save her…so I came to visit her. 

Then, she stood up and added, “If you think that I shouldn‘t be here, Ms. Luna…I‘ll leave right this instant.” 

Luna furrowed her brow, staring at Kate, FhSf]*{J could not help finding this woman more and more deceitful. 

Initially, she was not very fond of Kate, but after this, she could not help thinking that this woman was a sly, deceitful crook. luThere‘s no need.” Luna sighed and glanced coldly at Kate. “You know about Gwen‘s illness, don‘t you?” A glimmer of surprise flashed across Kate‘s eyes, which was then rapidly replaced by understanding and finally sorrow. She sighed and replied, “There‘s no hiding this from you guys, is there?” 

She lifted her head to glance at Luna. “Ms. Luna…how much do you know about Gwen‘s disease? Does Gwen herself know anything about this?” 

Luna furrowed her brows and did not feel like answering Kate‘s questions at all, but on second thought… 

She could not blindly believe everything Luke told her. 

Perhaps Kate could provide her with even more information that Luke had withheld. 

At the thought of this, Luna sighed. “I pretty much know everything about it, but…I‘m still hiding the truth from her.“

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