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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2164

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2164

Jim chuckled when he heard this. “I know I was blunt, but I’m just telling the truth, aren’t I?”

Then he strode over to Harvey’s side and gently stroked his hair in reassurance. “After all, you’ve read so many crime thrillers that you probably know I’m right, so don’t get too wound up about your friend, okay?”

Harvey finally stopped crying upon hearing this. He sniffed and bit his lip, staring at his father’s face, then said timidly, “Daddy… Was it very unmanly of me to cry like that?”

Jim chuckled “A real man cares about the people around him, so it’s okay to cry when you’re sad about losing someone important to you. Don’t worry about that.”

For a split second, Bonnie could not help being reminded of the old Jim when she heard these words.

Jim’s kindness, consideration, and soft, gentle voice made a surge of warmth spread through her heart, even though this kindness was not directed at her.

She could not help remembering what Theo had said.

Theo had said that the old Jim would never be able to return, but was he right?

All of a sudden, Jim’s phone rang.

It was from his assistant, Coleman.

Jim glanced at the name on the screen, hesitated for a moment, then finally picked up the call and put it on speaker mode.

Coleman’s calm voice rang out from the other end of the line, “Sir, I’ve managed to track down the whereabouts of Dr. Laura Suess as you asked me to.

“She first went to Tea Cottage, and after leaving, she went straight to a hotel, bringing a suitcase with her.

“She was in the hotel for about half an hour before finally leaving with a little boy, and then she drove to… Quinn Mansion.”

Jim furrowed his brows upon hearing this. “A little boy? And they went to Quinn Mansion?”

Assistant Coleman nodded. “That’s right. I thought it was strange too since the one with her was a young boy, but he wore a vintage-looking dress.

“Or at least, I thought it was a boy because, according to what I found, Dr. Suess had left with a bald boy”

Bonnie and Harvey gasped upon hearing this.

June was the only person they knew who loved wearing such dresses because of her fathers influence.

She would always wear intricate, exquisite little dresses that made her look like a princess, she adored dressing like this because it made her feel like she had just walked out of an old film.

Bonnie had even told Luna in secret that June was the only person she knew who could pull off such a look.


June had a head of luscious dark hair, but according to Assistant Coleman, the child who had left with Laura was a bald little boy.

Bonnie and Harvey exchanged a glance.

A child in a traditional dress was June, no doubt, but bald…

Could Laura have shaved June’s hair while they were at the hotel?

As soon as he thought of this, Harvey gritted his teeth, and a glimmer of white-hot rage flashed through his eyes. “June treasures her long hair beyond anything, and she told me before that she’d be outraged if anyone forced her to cut her hair short, but now…” June… had been shaved bald.

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